CSGO CT-T Buying Weapons & Armor Guide

CSGO CT-T Buying GuideThis CSGO CT-T Buying Guide, will teach you what to buy in the first 3 rounds. Of course when you buy, it depends on which map you are on and which side, Terrorist or Counter-terrorist. Another thing to take into consideration is the strength and make up of your team. So this guide can be adapted per your needs, but will help you to understand the first 3 rounds of any match on a CSGO CT-T map.


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CSGO CT-T Buying Weapons & Armor Guide - First 3 rounds


Remember, this CSGO CT-T Buying Weapons & Armor Guide for the first 3 rounds is situational! This is a guide, not hard rules. Change as you need.


CSGO CT-T Buying Guide - Counter-Terrorist Side


1st round

  1. USP + Kevlar
  2. USP + Nades (Smoke, Flash, HE) //Need atleast one of those of you cover a spot that gets rushed often to instantly smoke it off and/or nade it
  3. USP + Smoke/HE (or P250) + Defuse Kit //Usually x1


2nd Round (@1st Round Win)

  1. MP7 + Kevlar/Helmet + Smoke/Flash/HE //Possible to play more up close
  2. Famas + Kevlar/Helmet + Smoke/Flash/HE //Stay further back and play defensive NEVER push with it
  3. Scout + Kevlar/Helmet + Smoke/Flash/HE //only if you REALLY are a good AWPer (max x1)
  4. 5/7 + Kevlar/Helmet + Smoke/Flash //Saving for AWP obviously (max x1)


2nd Round (@1st Round Loss)

  1. USP
  2. P250 + optional Smoke or Flash //Not a huge investment but some possibilities to get a kill
  3. 5/7 + Kevlar/Helmet + Flash/Smoke //You pretty much need to make a play with this either stack a spot or push somewhere to try and get a gun


3rd Round (@1st and/or 2nd round loss)

  • Depending on your money situation either same as “2nd Round (@1st Round Loss)” or all upgrade to M4 //In 99% of cases you will have to save unless you saved an AK or sth 2nd round


3rd Round (@1st and 2nd round win without bombplant)

  • Players that survived round 2 with their SMG/Famas drop their guns to the ones who died and upgrade to M4


3rd Round (@1st and 2nd round win with bombplant)

  • All should upgrade to the M4, in terms of this CSGO CT-T Buying Weapons & Armor Guide.



  • If they plant 1st round and fullsave 2nd they will surely go for AK 3rd. If they plant 1st, forcebuy 2nd (tec9 + armor or sth) then you can still stick with your SMG/Famas for 3rd and do the same as suggested in “3rd Round (@1st and 2nd round win without bombplant)”.


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CSGO CT-T Buying Guide - Terrorist-Side


1st Round

  1. Glock + Kevlar //first guys to enter a site aggressive players
  2. Glock + Smoke/Flash/HE //supporter
  3. Tec9 + Smoke/Flash //only x1 maybe x2 can drop Tec9 to Kevlar guy, gives a bit better dmg output against kevlar also a lot of bullets and is good to finish off people without having to reload generally good to have one on your team especially if you are rushing a site


2nd round (@1st round win)

  1. Galil + Kevlar/Helmet + Smoke/Flash/HE //Better for slow and long range pick&play style rounds
  2. MP7/UMP + Kevlar/Helmet + Smoke/Flash/HE //Better if you want to rush a site
  3. Tec9 + Kevlar/Helmet + Smoke/Flash/HE //Saving for AWP max x1
  • If you want to play it slow it still makes sense to get a SMG or two and let the SMG/Tec9 players hold spots where you expect close range combat (House on Inferno, Action Mirage covering for a CT push)


2nd Round (1st round loss with bombplant)

  • Fullsave for AK next round


2nd Round (1st round loss without bombplant)

  1. Tec9/Deagle + Kevlar/Helmet + Flash/Smoke //would only recommend Deagle if you don’t have a scout in your team and if you are good with it longrange
  2. Scout + Kevlar/Helmet + Flash/Smoke //Again only if you REALLY are good with AWP
  3. Glock/P250/Deagle/Tec9 + Flash or Smoke //If you got 1 kill first round P250 + Flash or Smoke is fine, at 2 or more kills you can get Tec9 + Flash or Smoke or get a Deagle without anything


3rd round (@1st round win or bombplant)

  • You should be able to get an AK


3rd round (if you don’t have the money for an AK + Kevlar/Helmet)

  • Glock/P250/Deagle/Tec9 + Flash or Smoke //If you bought second round or otherwise can’t afford AK. Same as Setup 3 “2nd Round (1st round loss without bombplant)” depending on your money situation, you need to make sure you are able to get AK next round even if you can’t get a kill. Basically you can buy pretty much anything (Pistols, Scout) just be sure that you can buy AK next round (with nades) and you are fine.


Here's a good resource if you want to know whether your map is Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist Sided.


CSGO CT-T Buying Weapons & Armor Guide to the first 3 rounds - written by by iNSANEwOW

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