CSGO Hours Boosting Bot Free Script

CSGO Hours Boosting Bot Free ScriptA CSGO Hours Boosting Bot Free Script is yours to play with, without the need to pay for it. Instead of compiling a bot this is the source code with easy instructions on use, even with Steam Mobile Authentication. While usually source code scripts are for members only, I have gone ahead and pasted the instructions on how to use it, including the source code, to a text file, so that anyone can play with it after downloading it. You do not need to be a VIP member to this site to download the CSGO Hours Boosting Bot script!

CSGO Hours Boosting Bot Free Download

Very simple instructions here, and it's powered by the latest versions of all modules, like node-steam.

Do this in a folder with the bot, before starting:

npm install steam steam-totp util fs crypto

Non-VIP Members Download | Mirror

VIP Members Hours Boosting Bot Code:

If you like this script, you can send the author some coins in CSGODouble: /send 76561197968440406 10000

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