CSGO Knife Damage Bug

CSGO Knife Damage Bug

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Do you know about the CSGO Knife Damage Bug? It's something everyone who plays CSGO, should know. How to avoid it, and how to do more damage with knife attacks.

This isn't the same old bug where if you miss, your first attack that you're going to do less damage - as this is known and intended, so that players who just attack with their knife randomly attacking aren't going to do as much damage. FYI it's intended so that more experienced players will be able to know when to make the correct timed attacks. No, this CSGO Knife Damage Bug, is a completely different beast, and can affect whether or not you kill your enemy when ammo is low, or out. Read on to learn more...

CSGO Knife Damage Bug

So maybe some of you saw the game between Virtus.Pro and Godsend and snax's knife "fail" where he hit left, left, right properly but his enemy was left with 3hp. This is the CSGO Knife Damage Bug in action. This happens for a simple reason, but it's a bug. I don't think it can be exploited, but I have been wrong, which is why I am sharing it with you.

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As for why this CSGO Knife Damage Bug happens... I can't answer that. I can tell you that its been thoroughly discussed over the years. But even people who have been playing this game for years, might not know the bug, why it happens, and how to do more damage. 

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