CSGO Multihack – SimplESP v3.0

Come download the CSGO Multihack, SimplESP v3.0. It's fairly intuitive and has plenty of features. It's made for the latest iteration of Counter Strike Global Offensive and features scanning for offsets, should any of the hacks, no longer work.

CSGO Multihack - SimplESP v3.0 Features

  • Health Based Enemy ESP
  • TeamESP
  • NoFlash - Don't get blinded
  • TriggerBot - Automatically shoot when you see the enemy
  • RadarHack - You can see enemies on radar
  • Lock Settings - Improves Performance
  • Rescan Offsets - If any of the included hacks don't work

This is an older version of the hack, but shows it in action...

How to Use CSGO Multihack - SimplESP v3.0: Run the game, Run the Hack, and enjoy!

Download: Click Here

CSGO Multihack - SimplESP v3.0 CSGO Multihack - SimplESP v3.0 CSGO Multihack - SimplESP v3.0 CSGO Multihack - SimplESP v3.0

Notes and Known Issues

Protect with Enigma Protector (Someone said enigma does nothing. Selection is your choice)

Triggerbot throwing grenades

When you are reconnecting, players' data deleting so you need to press F10

MSVCP libraries are included, so you don't need to download.

WARNING: This CSGO Multihack, IS a Game Hack. If you are caught using it, you will get VAC Banned. Currently, this game hack is undetectable, but it's a good idea to take any and all precautions, including NEVER telling or showing off (including by making videos) that you are using this game hack. Use at your own risk! We take absolutely no responsibility for any suspensions or bans which you might occur.

Please do not share this game hack to any other website. We realize that some of you invariably will. However it hurts this website when you do that. We are one of the eldest game cheat sites around, and mean to stay that way, even when you crosspost to a website which no longer exists in a couple years.



3 Responses to CSGO Multihack – SimplESP v3.0

  1. Spitt says:

    Right below the area where it says, Download: Click Here is the password. You do need to be logged in, to see the password.

  2. XXX_Hacker_XXX says:

    Can someone plz just write down the password? I am not a member and i cant see it… thanx 😀

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