CSGO Name Changing C++ Source Code

CSGO Name Changing CodeThis CSGO Name Changing C++ Source Code makes it harder for you to be kicked and reported during a matchup by assigning a random string char name and cloaking it from others. Additionally it will allow you to be invisible on the radar, perfect for a little rage hacking.

The code was written in C++. You can (for a limited time) also get C++ Builder for free which includes streamlined IDE, code editor, dynamically loadable custom C++ 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft ISAPI modules, integrated debugger, two-way visual designers to speed development, hundreds of visual components, and a limited commercial use license. 

CSGO Name Changing C++ Source Code

Please note: This CSGO Name Changing C++ Source Code is code only, you will have to compile it yourself if you want to use it within Counter Strike Global Offensive. It's meant to give you an edge in casual, to help you from being reported (but not kicked). Compile the code, or better yet, learn it and apply to your own coding lessons.

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Credit for this CSGO Name Changing C++ Source Code goes to both Mark and Bart Wilson.

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