CSGO Polyhack – Slow aim, Radar, Triggerbot

The CSGO Polyhack features the following game hacks: Triggerbot (alt hold), SlowAim, Health Based ESP, Radar, and Bunnyhop (makes getting shot much more difficult).

What is a PolyHack and why is it superior to other hacks? A PolyHack is a regular CS:GO hack, but it utilizes Merccy's PolyLoader's string swapping and encryption. It makes it very hard for VAC to detect the cheat, as every hack you load is different to another person's, so the signature keeps changing.

NOTE: Updated on 4 June 2016

CSGO Polyhack Slow Aim:

CSGO Polyhack - Slow Aim

CSGO Polyhack

Can we add a Psilent or Aimbot? This CSGO Polyhack focuses on detectability. By using passive hacks only that can be hidden by a skilled user, Overwatch bans are much less likely. So in answer to the question... No, we can't add an Aimbot. We do this to keep your account safe.

CSGO Polyhack Install Instructions

  1. Download PolyLoader and follow ALL the instructions.
    • Ensure you have installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Express for Desktop
  2. Move PolyLoader into the same file location as the .zip
  3. Run PolyLoader as ADMIN
  4. Compile hack
  5. Enjoy!

CSGO Polyhack God Mode = SMG + Slow Aim + Triggerbot

Non-Members Download | Guide: How to Bypass Surveys to download files

VIP Members CSGO Polyhack Download (password - see below)

How to edit sensitivity (click to enlarge):




CSGO Polyhack Credits: Merccy for the original Polyhack code, Least Squares for this CSGO Polyhack, WasserEsser for GlowStruct, Adri308 for commenting code + bug fixing, ViKiNG for testing, Steady for testing, H3D35 for updated release.

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