CSGO Tiny Hacks

CSGO Tiny Hacks

CSGO Tiny HacksCSGO Tiny Hacks is a collection of game hacks for Global Strike Counter Offensive which will give you distinct advantages over your enemies within the game, including but not limited to bomb timers, slow aim, anti-recoil, and glow on players which are visible - even if you can't see them currently.

See below for a complete listing as well as images examples.

CSGO Tiny Hacks Features

CSGO Tiny Hacks Instructions

  • Give file a random name and run while at the CSGO main menu.
  • On success the hack will be injected. There is no other output.
  • On failure an error message will be shown. See below.

In case of errors to the CSGO Tiny Hacks injection, see the following possible solutions;

  • Error 0 - Couldn't find game window.
  • Error 1 - Couldn't get process ID.
  • Error 2 - Couldn't open game process.
  • Error 3 - Couldn't allocate remote memory.
  • Error 4 - Couldn't write to the process.
  • Error 5 - Couldn't create remote thread.

CSGO Tiny Hacks Solutions:
Make sure CSGO is running and don't run from Sandboxie.
Try running with admin rights or adding an exception to your Antivirus.

CSGO Tiny Hacks Hotkeys

  • All hotkeys work in-game only. Hack is inactive at menu.
  • F1 - Toggle Triggerbot. (Shift-F1 to disable). Hold ALT to temporarily activate triggerbot. *Updated*
  • PgUp/PgDown - Changes triggerbot delay. Holding shift changes it faster. Default is 10ms. *New*
  • F2 - Toggles slow aim.
  • F6 - Cycle Glow: Enemy Only, Enemy and Friendly, None.
  • F7 - Cycle Recoil Control: Low, High, Off. (Shift-F7 to disable).
  • F8 - Toggles Aim-Dot. (Shift-F8 to adjust size) *Updated*
  • F9 - Toggles Barrel-ESP.
  • F11 - Toggle bunny hop. Hold jump to use.*Updated*
  • DEL - Unload hack.

Known bugs to CSGO Tiny Hacks:
Triggerbot won't shoot players near smoke even if visible.
Won't work on Vista 32.

Malware Scans for CSGO Tiny Hacks...

VirusTotal (14/57)
Jotti (8/22)

Yes, this will show as a virus/trojan, that's because it's a game hack which injects into memory. If this bothers you, do not run the program, do not report in comments that it's malware because of your AV. That's why this disclaimer is here, afterall!

WARNING: This is a game hack, use of this hack can get you banned or suspended, use at your own risk!

Download CSGO Tiny Hacks: DOWNLOAD

FAQ - Please read before you comment or post about this CSGO Tiny Hacks.

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