Peans Undetected Multihack – CSGO

Peans Undetected Multihack

Peans Undetected Multihack for CSGO


Peans Undetected Multihack for CSGO will no longer be worked on, this is the final edition. It was written in Auto Hot Key, and you will need to download and install it, in order to get this to work. It does not interact with CSGO, instead, it works with your keyboard and works in the background, so no worry of any VAC Bans, however showing off can still get you banned, so use with caution.


The code is a bit messy, but it works on pretty much every PC, with very few exceptions. If you want to work on it, and clean it up, just leave a response in the comments. Source is provided for Peans Undetected Multihack for CSGO.


Peans Undetected Multihack Virus Scans

Virustotal (0/57)
Jotti (0/22)


Peans Undetected Multihack Detection (as of 28-6-15)


VAC - Undetected
ESEA - Undetected, use with caution
CEVO - Undetected, use with caution
FaceIT - Undetected, use with caution


I have no idea how ESEA and CEVO server detection works, note that the pattern is not randomized therefore if there is script that detects perfect repetitive mouse movement it may get detected.


How to use Peans Undetected Multihack

Download AHK
Set windows sensitivity to middle
Disable windows acceleration
In CSGO console type m_rawinput 1 (or enable raw input)
Resolution and DPI doesn't matter, if you don't set m_rawinput 1 the recoil and turnaround won't work.


Peans Undetected Multihack Features:


Custom keybinds for guns

  • Bunnyhop - F1 toggle (hold space to bunny hop)
  • Rapid fire - F2 toggle (hold middle mouse to rapid fire)
  • Perfect 180 turnaround - F3 toggle (press T to do 180°)
  • AK-47 norecoil - default F4
  • M4A1-S norecoil - default F6
  • M4A4 norecoil - default F7
  • Famas norecoil - default F8
  • Galil norecoil - default F9
  • UMP-45 norecoil - default F12
  • AUG norecoil - default Home
  • SG 553 norecoil - default End
  • AUG and SG 553 zoom modifier - default Left Alt (hold when scoped in with aug or sg 553)
  • Disable norecoil - default F11
  • Panic button - F10 (terminates autohotkey)
  • Set weapon you are using by pressing its F(number) button and then just hold left mouse button and you will start compensating


If you switch recoil the previous one will automatically shut itself (if you want to change to M4A4 from AK-47 for example, just press F7).


You can find guide + key list for custom keybinds here: HERE.


Download Peans Undetected Multihack HERE - you may have to disable adblocking in order to get to the download links, press "Skip Ads" to get to the links.


How to change keybinds for Peans Undetected Multihack:


Peans Undetected Multihack

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