PolyLoader 2.0 Gamehack Compiler

PolyLoader 2.0 Gamehack Compiler is a program that opens hack files, randomizes the source code and compiles it. This process results in an application that is very hard to detect for VAC and many other anti-cheat gateways because the signature changes every time. While primarily developed for players of Counterstrike Global Offensive (CSGO), it was developed so that anyone could use it, on any game which has anti-cheats which detect game hacks via signature.

In essence the PolyLoader 2.0 Gamehack Compiler will ensure that everyone has their own version of a particular hack. However since some game companies, instead watch for active offset changes, this will not prevent these types of game hacks from being detected. Steam games, uses VAC which is easily bypassed using this PolyLoader 2.0 Gamehack Compiler.

NOTE: This DOES WORK for other games as well. Follow the format at the bottom of this post, and make your own game hacks for any game.

How to use this PolyLoader 2.0 Gamehack Compiler

  1. Download Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop
  2. Download Windows SDK for Windows XX (version you are using)
  3. Download the PolyLoader (See below)
  4. Download a hack file
  5. Open the PolyLoader as admin
  6. Select the hack file
  7. Press compile


PolyLoader 2.0 Gamehack Compiler Downloads

NON-VIP Members: Download | Guide: How to Bypass Surveys to download files

VIP Members: Download (Password - see below)

Virus scans - Jotti | Virustotal - Anytime source code is encrypted, AntiVirus programs will say it's a Generic Trojan.

Please ensure you press  SKIP AD  at the top, before downloading file.

PolyLoader 2.0

PolyLoader Common Errors:

"Something went wrong when compiling the randomized source!":
Press the "View compiler output" checkbox and post the data of the console that opens.

Access denied:
Run as admin.

How to use VMProtect/Enigma etc...:
First you have to generate an exe using the loader for instance "PolyHack_RT.exe".
Now you can protect "PolyHack_RT.exe".

Can't download, or error opening archive
Disable your AntiVirus or Whitelist the file.

This Scans as a Trojan Generic
This is because the source code is encrypted, so that game companies do not reverse the work, making the hack null and void. Anytime source code is encrypted, AntiVirus programs will say it's a Generic Trojan.

PolyLoader Hack Development

Everyone can create a hack that supports the PolyLoader platform. Follow the instructions below.

A hack file is just a simple zip with the following files:
and a source directory.

So how do I make a hack file?
Step 1, modify your source code.
The PolyLoader uses a few tags to understand your file:

[swap_lines][/swap_lines] - Swap the lines between the 2 tags, useful for randomizing a structure.

  1. struct Entity {
  2. [swap_lines]
  3. DWORD dwBase;
  4. int id;
  5. int hp;
  6. int team;
  7. int weapon_id;
  8. int weapon_ammo;
  9. [/swap_lines]
  10. };

[junk_enable /] - Enables auto junk code addition, the PolyLoader will add junk code after every ;
You can give it 1 or 2 parameters
[junk_enable 5 /] - Will add 5 lines of junk code after every ;
[junk_enable 5 10 /] - Will add 5 to 10 lines of junk code after every;
[junk_disable /] - Disables auto junk code addition.
[junk_enable_declares /] - The auto junk code generator will now only make declares (useful for in header files).

[add_junk /] - Adds a block of junk code at this position, it does NOT take junk_enable_declares into account.

[swap_blocks][/swap_blocks] - Works like swap_lines but instead it swaps blocks of code.
[block][/block] - Define a block

  1. [swap_blocks]
  2. [block]
  3. if (x == 5) {
  4. std::cout << "x == 5\n";
  5. }
  6. [/block]
  7. [block]
  8. if (y == 7) {
  9. std::cout << "y == 7\n";
  10. }
  11. [/block]
  12. [/swap_blocks]

[enc_string_enable /] - Scrambles all strings, when you are using this make sure you have Decrypt.h included (the loader will generate a randomized Decrypt.h file).
[enc_string_disable /] - Disables the auto string scrambler.

In command.txt you have to fill in the command line compiler options, here you have to link all the libraries etc... this one should work for practically any hack.

  1. /EHsc /Od /MT *.cpp kernel32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib winspool.lib comdlg32.lib advapi32.lib shell32.lib ole32.lib oleaut32.lib uuid.lib /link /FORCE:MULTIPLE /OUT:hack.exe

First line you put the filename the compiler generates (see the /OUT: parameter)
Second line the new name.

  1. hack.exe
  2. MyHack.exe

A message that will pops up when the user loads up the hack.

If you have any question regarding implementing this system, post a reply in the comments, or in our VIP Forums.


PolyLoader 2.0 Gamehack Compiler Change Log

  1. 2.0
  2. Better junk code generation
  3. Complete syntax change for hack files
  4. String encryption
  5. New UI
  6. Better performance
  7. Automatic detection of the compiler path


PolyLoader 2.0 Gamehack Compiler Credits - MCSandwich - The icon, Merccy - PolyLoader program, Netseal - Theme

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