Bitcoin Split Days Away – Invest Now

Bitcoin SplitIf you do not know that a new Bitcoin Split is about to happen, then it's time you learned. Better yet, it's time you invested. Listen, JP Morgan is investing in Bitcoin. Goldman Sachs last Monday told its investors to buy Bitcoin. Everyone is jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon, but the important information is this - a Bitcoin Split is only days away.

Bitcoin Split

Update 9 November 2017 : This just in! The Bitcoin Split scheduled for November 16th, has been called off. You can read the official announcement here. While it has been called off, we cannot stress enough that you should continue to invest in Bitcoin. Read on to learn how to do it.

What this Bitcoin Split will do, is divide into 2 currencies. Those currencies will be Bitcoin and something else. We have actually gone through 2 splits in recent months, so this 3rd is just another reason for you to get involved - It's Easy to buy Bitcoin. The only thing you need is a bank account and a wallet on Coinbase. Goto Coinbase, set up the wallet and then add your bank account. You might have to call the bank to verify you are trying to transfer money - do it.

In recent months, the Bitcoin Split was first into Bitcoin Cash and then into Bitcoin Gold. Even after this Bitcoin Split, we are expecting another Bitcoin Split in another few months. This simply means that whatever you invest now, will split into multiple currencies - similar in ways that stocks split when the value gets too high. So now is te time to get into Bitcoin, before it's split.

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Why invest in Bitcoin?

Listen, a crypto currency is always going to be a risk. It's much the same with the stock market. You cannot know for sure it's going to go up in value. But what I can tell you, is that it has increased year after year, with this year's price jumping over 940% from last year. Last year, it was trading at around $700. Now it's up over $7000.

I know of one person who took an equity loan against his house 5 months ago for $350k  and invested in Bitcoin. It's now worth $1.5M. A singer, back in 2009 was offered to have her concert fees paid to her in Bitcoin. The value would now be worth $1.5 Billion. The whole point, is that more and more people are getting behind it, and even investors are secretly placing a percentage of their fortunes into it. It's better to buy a portion of a Bitcoin now, and let it rise in value then it is to ignore it and watch others around you grow rich.

Crypto currencies, as they become more well known, will become more traded. As they are more traded, then the value of them goes up. Bitcoin is the most well known, but there are 4 others which are also well known in the crypto currency communities. Right now though, everyone's minds are on Bitcoin.

Buy 1 Bitcoin?

You don't need to buy a whole Bitcoin. That's the beauty of it. You can invest in 1 millionth of a Bitcoin, if that's what you want to do. But I have automatic buys every week of $100. If you can't afford $100, buy $20. But the key here is to automatically buy it every week, or every 2 weeks, and start as soon as possible, as this Bitcoin Split is going to make the price jump even more.

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Alternative to Coinbase

There are a couple places you can buy Bitcoin that you do not need a bank account for. The safest way, is to use a Bitcoin ATM. This is a way for you to deposit money and exchange it instantly for Bitcoin. You will still need an online wallet, and for this, we suggest BTCPop. You can find a nearby Bitcoin ATM by clicking here.

All I can do at this point, is urge you to invest in Bitcoin. There are many of us who follow it, who expect it to hit $10k before the end of the year, and within a few years to hit $1M. If you can get in, before the Bitcoin Split, then even better. If you can't, just invest weekly what you can afford.

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