Bitcoin Cash Temporary Hold Financial Tip

I am sharing this Bitcoin Cash Temporary Hold Financial Tip with you, because in a few days Bitcoin Cash is going to soft split in 2 different digital currencies. It's happening on November 15th 2018. This means everyone holding Bitcoin Cash will have both currencies... but only if you are on an exchange that supports it. You have to act now, to fund a Bitcoin Cash exchange with monies which will support it. Otherwise you might get robbed of it. I want to teach you quickly about the site I use for crytocurrency splits.

Bitcoin Cash Temporary Hold Financial Tip

Bitcoin Cash Temporary Hold Financial TipSo to perpetrate this Bitcoin Cash Temporary Hold Financial Tip, the first thing you need to do is buy Bitcoin Cash. For this, I am going to suggest you use the Abra App on iPhone and Android. If you have an American Express you can fund it immediately, otherwise it might take a bit longer. Another way is to find a local Bitcoin ATM or someone who will sell you Bitcoin for cash. You won't need a lot, but I suggest funding at least $100 worth. 

Safe Crypto Currency Exchange

Now that you have Bitcoin you can put it on an exchange and convert it to Bitcoin Cash. The ONLY exchange that won't steal your new currency, is BTCPop. I know what you're thinking, after Bitcoin split to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, you eventually got your money. Well the reason it was eventually, is because your exchange was buying and selling it back and forth to make as much as possible off it. Gemini is one of the worst offenders. Some of them, will simply state they aren't supporting it, and then will grab your coin, keeping it.

If you're going to do this, you need to start now. Remember, to start thtis Bitcoin Cash Temporary Hold Financial Tip, get ahold of Bitcoin and either transfer immediately to BTCPop and then exchange to Bitcoin Cash, or convert it to Bitcoin Cash and then transfer it. Either way works, and guarantees you will get your coin immediately.

Bitcoin Cash Temporary Hold Financial Tip Warning!

To get in on the Bitcoin Cash Temporary Hold Financial Tip, you need to have your money in the BTCPop account no later than November 14th. Once the split happens, you can then withdraw your money and convert it back to whichever currency you normally hold, such at BTC or USD.

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