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Should you get the DarkOrbit Pixel Bot? To answer this, we need to ask a couple questions. Do you play DarkOrbit? Do you wish you could take out some of the monotony out of DarkOrbit? If you do, then it's time you looked at this free pixelbot for DarkOrbit. The DarkOrbit Pixel Bot is free to download an run. Luckily, even the pro version is free as well while the bot is in beta. The main difference between the DarkOrbit Pixel Bot Free and Pro? The Pro version will also work in the background.

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DarkOrbit Pixel Bot Features:

  • Collect Bonus Boxes
  • Collect Gift Boxes
  • Collect Prate Booty
  • Kill npc
  • Flies when damaged
  • Revives when destroyed
  • Uses Pet
  • Moves randomly
  • Antiban stuff
  • Reconnects

DarkOrbit Pixel Bot Interface Settings

DarkOrbit Pixel Bot

DarkOrbit Pixel Bot Free Version Settings

  • Put General Settings to Lowest.
  • Run vBot.exe
  • Put the darkorbit game window on full screen
  • Press F1
  • To pause press F1 again.
  • To quit press F2
  • To open the settings panel press F3 and F3 again to save and close it
  • Health bar and shield bar visible and in colors
  • Minimap minimized to it's smallest size


-=DarkOrbit Pixel Bot Download [Free Version]=-



DarkOrbit Pixel Bot Professional Version Settings

  • Put General Settings to Lowest.
  • Goto darkorbit and open the spacemap, just as if you where going to play.
  • Run vbotbggui.exe
  • Click "Select window"
  • Hover over the window with darkorbit and press F1
  • Press the start button DarkOrbit Pixel Bot Start Button
  • Pause with the pause button, the button right of the pause button hides the bot window, the button with the X exits the bot.
  • Return window deselects the window selected
  • Hide window" moves the selected window offscreen(you can't see it)
  • Show window moves the window back to where it was before hiding it
  • Search delay is a timeout between every search, if thebot uses too much cpu u can put it higher(1000=1 sec, very slow)
  • You need auto-repair cpu for the flee and repair functions to work.
  • Update button in spacemap tab will update the displayed spacemap
  • Make sure you don't minimize the window or click on windows's "show desktop" button(it minimizes all windows)
  • Don't click too repeatedly on "Update".
  • VBotBG is also 64-bit compatible.
  • Try different browsers if it doesn't work.

-=DarkOrbit Pixel Bot Download [Pro Version]=-

(free currently)Download 

-=DarkOrbit Pixel Bot ScreenShots=-

DarkOrbit Pixel Bot Free Screenshots

DarkOrbit Pixel Bot free ss1 DarkOrbit Pixel Bot free ss2

DarkOrbit Pixel Bot Pro Screenshots

DarkOrbit Pixel Bot Pro ss1 DarkOrbit Pixel Bot Pro ss2

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