Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips

Dark Souls 3Dark Souls III beckons all of us and we hope that you will appreciate our small offering here to appease the beast with these Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips. The game has been out for merely a few days and we can already hear the screams of dying gamers and the smashing of controllers. Dark Souls 3 feels great, but it's a 2-way street. We kill and are in turn killed by monsters, beasts, and even... a tree. This game can be the overwhelmingly rewarding in experience and, at the same time, the most sinister a game to have been created.

This doesn't mean you should give up hope after a few deaths. It happens to all of us, even the best of us - it will happen to you too. There are a plethora of things you can do to conquer the world of Lothric. A tip here and a trick there and voila -- you have yourself a tank of a character ready to annihilate all that crosses your path. But this path is far from over as such you're probably going to appreciate the following tips.

Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips

Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips #1: Accept Death

Dark Souls 3 Starter TipsPrepare to die and die often. This is OK, and you should not smash your controller over the absurd amount of dying happening. Dark Souls III, like any other game in the series, is difficult. You probably won’t go more than 20 minutes at the most without dying.

Things will kill you and enemies will catch you off guard -- it is just the way the game plays. Accept the fact that you will die A LOT and this game will already look better in your eyes.

Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips #2: In the beginning, only class stats matter

The beginning of the game gives you quite a few customization options. You can choose anything from your class to your burial gift, there are plenty of things to contemplate. But really you shouldn't get worked up in choosing the class that is right for you or the burial gift that will be most beneficial down the line. The only thing that should matter to you is the playing the class you prefer and applying it to your starting stats.

If you prefer armor, strength and a good weapon, the knight class is perfect. Perhaps you would like to be able to move about a bit quicker than usual -- in that case, the thief and assassin classes be up your ally. If you want to cast deadly spells, then go with a pyromancer or sorcerer. At the end of the day, whatever you choose has no weight in what your character will become. You still have the opportunity as an assassin to find the same armor as a knight. It is all based on your starting stat preferences.

Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips #3: Equipment load and weight matters

Dark Souls 3 Starter TipsEquipment load and weight will determine how weighed down your character is. The more weight you have, the slower you will move. If your character is being weighed down a great deal, then you will roll slow and lumber about. If your weight ratio is down in the 50s or 60s, then you will roll quicker and move faster. Keep in mind that if you prefer better armor and prefer to take more of a defensive mindset, then your best option would be to find knight armor. Knight armor has the best defense and there are plenty of different sets of knight armor that you can find. 

While knight armor is great for defense, it won't matter much for an assassin. You see you will need to be able to move quickly, and with knight armor you might not be able to do that. In the beginning that's fine, but when you start to master your class, then lighter armor which allows you to kite better, will be a better choice.

Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips #4: Check every nook and cranny

Not only will you discover equipment, spells, and consumables strewn about, but you'll find important key items and NPCs to expand the utility of Firelink Shrine. Comb over each area you come across. You never know when you'll miss an important vendor, an Estus Flask upgrade, or an item to expand existing vendor shops.

Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips #5: Go both ways down the road

There will come points where you must choose which direction you'd like to go, left or right. There are no wrong options, but once you reach a new Bonfire or unlock a shortcut, make sure you double back to check out the paths you missed. You might find a new NPC vendor, a covenant, or even an incredible ring that you could have missed had you not traveled both paths.

Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips #6: Ember form is your friend while exploring

Dark Souls 3 Starter TipsPopping off an Ember not only grants you 40% extra Health, it also opens your world up to summoning and invading. Eventually NPCs will also invade your world.

The NPCs that invade, drop unique equipment that cannot be found anywhere else. However, they will not invade you if you've already killed the area boss, so make sure you give each area a good sweep in Ember form before killing the boss.

Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips #7: Spend your souls

It doesn't matter how skilled you are, mistakes happen and you will lose them eventually anyways. So don't be afraid to spend your hard-earned Souls on something useful like a level up, a new weapon, or a bundle of arrows. You do not want to be carrying a pocket-full of Souls when death comes knocking.

Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips #8: Firelink Shrine

You'll be warping to and from Firelink Shrine throughout the entire game to spend your collection of sovereignless souls. However, make sure your visits don't become mechanical in nature. There are interesting things happening around Firelink Shrine all the time. Take your time to poke around and explore around Firelink Shrine. You never know when a new NPC will show up -- invited or not. Don't forget to check the tunnels beneath the stairs or the thrones overlooking the bonfire.

Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips #9: Upgrades

Giving the various merchants and peddlers certain items will upgrade their shops so they can supply you with better wares and services. However, your Estus flask upgrades are probably one of the most important upgrades for you. Taking an Estus Shard to the blacksmith will increase your flask capacity by one. Burning a certain material in the Firelink Shrine bonfire will increase the potency of your Estus Flasks. Having a strong supply of Estus Flasks is especially important in the later areas of the game.

Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips #10: 100% Physical Block Shield

Dark Souls 3 Starter TipsBy no means are you required to use a shield. However, without a shield at least nearing 100% Physical Block, you're better off dodging enemy attacks - which may prove difficult for melee classes. Some classes start with one, but if you didn't get one, make sure to find one and equip it pronto. A 100% Physical Block Shield is a total game-changer. 

Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips #11: Find a balance with your Estus Charges.

You can split your Estus charges between Estus Flasks (healing potions) and Ashen Estus Flasks (mana potions). While playing, if you find you often run out of one type of Flask more often then the other, then give it a couple extra charges and see how you do. You'll likely find yourself returning to the blacksmith to tweak your allotted Estus Flasks until you strike a balance.

Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips #12: Use your consumables often

Prima Official Game Guide

Prima Official Game Guide

Our first instinct is always to hoard them consumables until you need them. By the end of the game, your inventory will be overflowing with consumables unless you use them. No matter what, you'll always be able to buy or find more.

Don't be afraid to toss a throwing knife or two to pull enemies. By all means, use Firebombs to take out dangerous beasts. And yes, please use the Soul items you find to level up or make a purchase when you're just short on funds. The consumables were made to be used.

Don't be afraid of overfilling your toolbar, either. This way you're not fumbling around and searching for Estus in the middle of a dangerous fight.

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