Defiance: Beginner’s Leveling Tip – It’s All about your Ego

So getting started right away if you want to make REALLY fast progress we would say don't worry too much about anything else other than getting your EGO rating up. This is like the main leveling component of the game and if you focus on that you will see the content faster.


There are 3 main parts to 'leveling' in the game or progression and that is Ego Rating, Weapon Experience and EGO powers. It can be tempting early on to focus on spending your EGO powers and picking some decent perks.

However the game starts off easy and gets quite a bit more difficult so a good way to speed level through the game is to focus on your EGO rating and you can do this by concentrating on the main story missions initially.

Take part in all of the Arkfalls as you see them come up and focus on the main story missions and you will not only get weapon experience as you go through but you will also get EGO points to spend anyway.

This will help you as most people in the game will be jumping from one thing to another. If you stay focused on the story mission to get your rating up you will make far quicker progress.

defiance-duru-bookIf you are looking to get to grips with Defiance which is a new MMO that launched on April 2nd you may be in for a bit of a learning curve. This game pairs the aspects that we all know in typical MMO’s with a shooter. That means that instead of just pressing a button or tapping a key for an attack you will actually need to aim and shoot to play the game.

Of course this ups the skill level compared to other MMO’s! At least in the aspect of actually learning how to play a shooter, and then you have the strategy aspect that will come into such as learning how to use your EGO powers, which mods you should select for your weapons and more…

If you want to hit the ground running and get the edge we suggest you check out Defiance Guru. The guide has been put together by a top gaming team and they have a full walkthrough for all missions, guides on how to create the perfect build using the EGO powers and perks as well as in-depth weapon guides.

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