Defiance: Beginners Weapons Modding Guide

This will give you a short overview to weapon modding which you will have to do at some point in the game. The reason you will need to mod your weapons is to make sure they are powerful enough later on in the game.

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Modding weapons allow you to make your favorite guns even better. Before you can even start modding you will need a weapon that can be modded, a mod and an EGO rating of 100. Before you get to 100 EGO rating you will be able to access the Salvage Matrix but it is only after a rating of 100 that you will be able to start added mod slots to weapons.

All you need to do is bring up the loadout screen and then select Salvage Matrix. You then have some options:

You can break the weapon down for resources and this will give you some ark salvage. How much you get depends on the color/value of the weapon:

White: 250
Green: 500
Blue: 750
Purple: 1000
Orange: 1250

Tip: Make sure you break all weapons and grenades down that you will not use.

Before you mod a weapon remember that if you have it equipped you will not be able to mod it. So make sure you unequip it prior to modding. You then simply click on “Attach mods” and you will be presented with all the mods you have. There are 4 main types:

Stock, Barrel, Magazine and Scope

You can see how valuable the mods are by using the color code above (white being the least, orange the best) and you will also have a roman numeral to the side of the mod that tells you how rare it is.

There are also synergies that we will talk about at a later time – for now make sure you break down all the weapons and grenades that you will not use to get the resources from them and then use those resources to mod your weapons.

defiance-guru-bookIf you are looking to get to grips with Defiance which is a new MMO that launched on April 2nd you may be in for a bit of a learning curve. This game pairs the aspects that we all know in typical MMO’s with a shooter. That means that instead of just pressing a button or tapping a key for an attack you will actually need to aim and shoot to play the game.

Of course this ups the skill level compared to other MMO’s! At least in the aspect of actually learning how to play a shooter, and then you have the strategy aspect that will come into such as learning how to use your EGO powers, which mods you should select for your weapons and more…

If you want to hit the ground running and get the edge we suggest you check out Defiance Guru. The guide has been put together by a top gaming team and they have a full walkthrough for all missions, guides on how to create the perfect build using the EGO powers and perks as well as in-depth weapon guides.

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