Defiance: Bullet for a Badman Boss Fight Guide


written by NeoDraven

I have been seeing people having issues with this boss' fight. More specifically with his infinite grenade launch spam, so I am going to give a lay down on his fight and suggested weapon loadouts.

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This Boss has 3 Phases:

Phase 1

He will keep himself invulnerable until Phase 2 he will summon a large amount of adds to kill you burn these down until you receive the first cut-scene.

Phase 2

A suggested weapon to use to hit that small box on the smelters would be a shotgun or a wide spread attack rifle like a SAW or VOT Pulser, only need to hit the tank on their back once, it will suicide smash into the gas cylinder making him vulnerable to attacks suggested weapon for when he’s weakened a semi-auto sniper rifle for accurate head shots you can get 4-5 in for critical hits if your hand is steady enough, he will then make himself invulnerable, during this part he will continuously summon adds burn these down with shotgun rounds if you run low on ammo do not be afraid to use the 2 ammo stockpiles to each side of the room, he will summon another smelter where Rosa will inform you of it, continue to dmg each smelters fuel backpacks and continue with the rifle until he’s almost 50% health remaining swap loadout to Shotgun/Detonator (preferably sticky variant) at 50% hp Phase 3 initiates.

Phase 3

He will jump down at around 50% hp and regenerate his health back to full, be sure when he’s lobbing your sprinting away from him once he stops lobbing to reload hip shot your detonators magazine clip into him and set off the lobbed grenades take cover before or after detonating then pending whether he restarts his grenade shelling on you, Be sure to keep mid-long range distance from him as he will at certain points tackle you like a Blacklung 99er. Continue this for awhile at around 20-25% hp he will begin to try tog et into mid range with you to give you little room to hit him back, try using the boxes to break his LoS (Line of Sight) sticky detonate where you know he’s going walk to next to cause explosive damage, eventually he will drop like a fly and congratulations on defeating Teach.

defiance-guru-bookIf you are looking to get to grips with Defiance which is the new MMO which launched on April 2013 you may be in for a bit of a learning curve. This game pairs the aspects that we all know in typical MMO’s with a shooter. That means that instead of just pressing a button or tapping a key for an attack you will actually need to aim and shoot to play the game.

Of course this ups the skill level compared to other MMO’s! At least in the aspect of actually learning how to play a shooter, and then you have the strategy aspect that will come into such as learning how to use your EGO powers, which mods you should select for your weapons and more…

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