Defiance: Faster Leveling Combat Tips


Today we are going to give you some general combat tips that will feature skills that are easy to implement in the game but will allow you to progress a lot faster as well. Apart from picking your weapons, EGO powers and perks you will need to know a few strategies that will make the difference so here are a few tips for you.

Level your characterer faster with Defiance Guru

  1. Learn to shoot on the move – Don’t stop moving! If you stop moving you will be an easy target. You will need to learn how to aim and shoot while you are moving left and right.
  2. Use the right gun for the job – It is a good idea to have your best weapons on hand and have one that is long range and one that is short range.
  3. Use grenades as much as possible – There is no limit to the amount of grenades that you can carry so make sure you use them a lot – you will not run out. There is a timer that will sound between the use of each one.
  4. Melee – This is overlooked but you can stun your enemy if you run in with a melee attack and hit them upside the head with your gun.

Using these 4 tips you should be able to make the world of difference to your progress in the game and the speed at which you get through the content as well.

defiance-guru-bookDefiance is a different kind of MMO to hit the web and this one shakes things up a little bit! It is a shooter and an MMO rolled into one. So if you are used to the standard MMO you may have a bit of a learning curve. Of course there is a strategy aspect as well. You will need to learn how to use EGO, Perks and more than this you will need to know about the weapons and hoe to build them, add mods and use them to your advantage. Of course this is going to take a bit of working out.

One guide that has launched that will give you a headstart on launch day is Defiance Guru, a complete strategy guide for the MMO that will feature EGO and Perks guides, Weapons guides and how to use the mods and also a complete missions and side mission guide so you can make fast progress leveling.

We all know that one of the main things people do when there is a new MMO is all race to the level cap and try and explore the game first, well this guide should help you see all of the game and play the way it was meant to be played.

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