Defiance Guru – Download eBook Sample Guide

Here's what Defiance Guru promises...

Defiance Strategy Guide Gives You A Step By Step Mission Guide, Shows You How To Get A HUGE EGO Rating Fast & Dominate With The Best Weapon Builds, EGO Powers and Perks...

Get A Headstart On EVERY Ark Hunter Out There And Pick Up The Skills You Need To Dominate!

Level your characterer faster with Defiance Guru

Increase Your Leveling Speed By Over 400% Following The Step By Step Mission Guide!

Discover How To Increase Your EGO Rating SUPER FAST...

Learn The Best Weapon Loadouts For ANY Situation!

Learn The BEST Builds To Use For Fast Progress Through The Game & PVP!

Get The Best Vehicles Early In The Game!

Learn How To Make HUGE Amounts Of Scrip!

Learn Awesome Combos Using Weapons And Your EGO Powers & Perks!

+ Much More...

Do they live up to their promise? You decide! Check out these sample pages to Defiance Guru. If you like it, purchase the full guide. If you don't like it, no big deal, you got to see a sample of their writing and their guide.


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