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Defiance, the game is set to be released in April 2nd, 2013 with the TV show following two weeks later on the 15th. It's a cross-venture between the SyFy channel and Trion Worlds, and can be played simultaneously by gamers on the XBox360, PS3, and PC systems.

In Defiance, you play the role of an Ark Hunter, a specialist in survival, combat and tracking who braves dangerous frontiers to locate and retrieve lost relics of alien or advanced origins in return for great financial rewards. 

In this genre of games, there have been an awful lot of games, which try to inject players and to keep them interested, but in our experience (at, such games usually do not last long as pay-to-play (p2p) games. The longest running Sci-Fi type game was Anarchy Online, followed by StarWars Galaxy. Following the Sci-Fi genre, Defiance hopes to get people who watch the SyFy channel's TV Show of the same name, and in turn will allow them to fight side by side with their favorite characters, where what they do in the game, will affect what happens in the TV Show. Overall games in this genre have not done well compared to their fantasy counterpart, but the boost of a TV Show alongside a multi-console platform, could be what is needed to boost this game to stardom.

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Game Synopsis


Defiance is a science-fiction-themed MMO shooter from Trion Worlds. Defiance takes place on a terraformed Earth several decades into the future. It is a tie in to the Syfy show of the same name. The game is set to be released April 2013 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The game takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area after a massive world-wide terraforming event led to the alteration of the landscape, the fall of plants and animal species and the rise to new species. Several alien species came to Earth to set up a new home, which led to war, further devastating the planet. After the war, both Humans and the aliens, known as Votans, learned to live side by side. Players are enlisted as "Ark Hunters" by Karl Von Bach (CEO of Von Bach Industries) to travel to the Bay Area in search of advanced and expensive alien technology. Players also take part in side missions to earn some cash or challenges where they compete with other Ark Hunters.

Much like in Rift, Defiance has "dynamic events" called Arkfalls. These arkfalls are massive chunks of alien ships, which contain valuable technology, that crash down from space, attracting a handful of friendlies and enemies, as well as on occasion attracting masses of alien creatures and dozens of ark hunters.


Defiance Gameplay Trailer

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(watch the mega playlist, and 1 hour preview too)

Defiance Home pages

Namco Bandai Publishing Defiance In Europe

Defiance Social Links


Official Defiance megaplaylist! (30 videos)


One hour game preview (intro/cut scenes/character creation / ui / gameplay) with commentary from Rob Hill the senior producer from Trion.

XBox version


Play Defiance Beta has been given a large amount of beta keys for Defiance -  the upcoming MMOFPS by Trion Worlds that for the first time ever will tie into and impact a TV show! Get your key now while supplies last!
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Pre Order

Defiance PC version
Defiance PS3 Version
Defiance Xbox 360 Version


Join the fight and save big on 5 DLC packs with the Defiance Season Pass. Enjoy a new playable alien species, new weapons and vehicles, missions, and rewards – plus a bonus Hellbug Combat Cap and Lock Box – a 20% savings!* This is the ultimate package for the true Ark Hunter!
Defiance Digital Download Edition

No plans for Mac Client

Defiance Forums

Defiance Game Overview

Beginners Guide to Defiance Video

IGN Defiance Developer Diary: What is a Shooter MMO?

Defiance System requirements

Defiance Beta Minimum System Requirements

Defiance Wiki

Defiance database

Defiance Maps

Players can take part in 4-player co-op maps such as Commandeer Cronkhite, Explosions 101, Island of Lost Soldiers, Liberate the Lost, The Motherlode, Soleptor Excavation and Scrapworks Salvage.

Players can also take part in group player-vs-player maps such as Freight Yard, Observatory, and Waterfront.

Defiance Features

Defiance features a built in VoIP.

Defiance Controls


Pre-order today, join beta tomorrow!

For the PC;
Left button - Shoot
Scroll - Cycle weapons
Right button - Aim mode
Movement - Camera
Esc - Menu
1 - Special
2 - Weapons
3 - Weapons
Q - Cycle weapons
E - Action
R - Reload
W - Up
A - Left
S - Down
D - Right
F - Melee
G - Grenade
K - EGO Grid
L - Loadouts
LShift - Sprint
C - Crouch
V - Vehicle
Spacebar - Jump
Alt - Roll
U - Quick chat
Y - Quick menu

Ark Hunter Rewards

Defiance: Arkfall Codes

EGO Arkfall Code List and Spreadsheet

Google Doc's ArkFall Code Spreadsheet (need permission)

Defiance Arkfall


"Wreckage from the Votan ships that exploded in space periodically falls to Earth. These meteor-like fragments usually contain rare and valuable alien technology." — Arkfall description

defience-Hell_bugAn Arkfall is a event where portions of the Arkbelt rain down on the planet.

Defiance Hellbugs


Hellbugs, scientific name Scylla Formicida, are a race of large six-legged beings created as a by-product of terraforming technology.

Defiance Guide to Ego

Defiance Reviews

Defiance - Halo meets Borderlands in Trion's hectic MMO
Not only is Trion tackling that most tricksy of beasts, the MMO on console, but it's also launching a brand new Syfy TV series alongside it that - and here's where you need a big, juicy pair of plums - is shaped by events in the game world.

Defiance MMO and TV series links explained
Defiance is due in April, launching both as an MMO and a TV series which will be affected by player activity. Trion World executive Nick Beliaeff has gone into further detail on just how that works.

Defiance: The MMO vs Defiance: The TV Show - Fight!
The Show: "How much can I really affect the show?" That's been the biggest question surrounding Defiance since day one, and now we've finally got a straight answer. Unfortunately, it more or less amounts to "not much" -- at least, initially. "The TV show is not choose-your-own-adventure or like the movie Clue," said Syfy President  of Original Content Mark Stern. "We know what we're doing in the TV show, and this is about great, satisfying drama. We're not letting people in the videogame decide which of our characters will get a broken leg, or if they succeed or fail. But we will create a sense that -- if you're into the game and the show -- you're enjoying these experiences holistically. They create a larger, more immersive experience."

Defiance (TV series)

Defiance Trailer - SyFy (HD)

Behind the scenes / the making of

Air Dates / Episode Titles

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