Limited Spawn Raid Glitch – Destiny 2

Limited Spawn Raid GlitchThe Limited Spawn Raid Glitch prevents mobs from spawning repeatedly in the Leviathan Raid. This in turn makes completing raids extremely easy as you won't have as many adds spawn in fights. You will however have to do this glitch prior to each encounter including if you plan to be in prestige mode or are doing the challenge modes.

Leviathan is the first raid in Destiny 2, introduced on September 13th, 2017. Participation of the activity requires a Power Level of 260 to unlock.

The raid takes its name from the flagship of the exiled Cabal emperor Calus. The ship is known as the "World Eater" and specializes in planetary consumption. The ship is found orbiting Nessus.

Limited Spawn Raid Glitch

Here are the Limited Spawn Raid Glitch instructions. Note these are very basic, but do remember you need to do them before each encounter. Also, there are different notes for some of the encounters you will experience.

Limited Spawn Raid Glitch Notes:

  • Door Fight - Cannot be glitched.

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  • Bathers - Fight is like normal, only bathers will spawn and need to be killed.
  • Dogs - Only 3 dogs will spawn. Make sure you don't drop into the safe room too early, as the door will be open and dogs will start in there.
  • Gauntlet - This one is a little tricky. The first time you succeed with the glitch, you will see the elevator in the center is DOWN. You MUST bring this back up by doing the glitch one more time. The add phases will be skipped entirely, but the rest of the fight is the same.
  • Calus - No adds will spawn in the throne room. You can leave only one or two people in the throne room to punch the correct psion. Keep in mind, you will see duplicate visions (two people have cup).

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