AutoIt Devilian Bot

Before I give you information on how to download this AutoIt Devilian Bot for free, you should know that the bot was made with few options without updates. That does not however mean that you cannot use this AutoIt Devilian Bot. It just means that the setup of the bot, is a bit more difficult then normal, as we will need to make it work for you.

AutoIt Devilian Bot

AutoIt Devilian BotPlease note that the person who created this bot, has stopped development for it. This means that what you see, is what you get. It will not work on all classes, and it will not work on all settings, nor for that matter all computers. The author has stated he is working on a version of the AutoIt Devilian Bot instead.

AutoIt Devilian Bot Settings

Set game to 1920x1080 windowed fullscreen. 

Created with Cannoneers in mind, set the skills as follows:

1. Cannon Blast
2. Piercing Whirlwind
3. Spark Trap
4. Flame Call
5. Hunting Flame
F1. Divine Punishment
F2. Time Bomb
F3. Incinerating Hellfire
F5. Nanus

It may be possible to set this up for other classes and builds. We recommend that you experiment with your build to see what works.

Starting the AutoIt Devilian Bot

Start, Pause, or Continue - Insert (Ins)
Exit/Terminate Button - Page Up (PgUp)

This Bot will search for Monster's name (red in Color) and attack it for you. It can only attack mobs which are in your screen.

To make it attack mobs you might not otherwise see, go to;  Settings -> game Settings -> Monster -> Always display.

While this AutoIt Devilian Bot, was created with AutoIt, it has been packed so that you do not have to have AutoIt installed on your system, making it easy to use, without knowing how to use the macro software.

To contact the author, run the script. The contact info will be shown on startup.

Download AutoIt Devilian Bot

Password to open AutoIt Devilian Bot archive = mmoexploiters

Non-Member Download | Mirrors #1 | #2 | #3 | #4

VIP Member Download:

As always, use at your own risk. Bans can and do occur, so use wisely to avoid these situations.


AutoIt Devilian Bot

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