Fast Gold Farming Method – Devilian

It's possible to farm around 100 gold an hour using this Fast Gold Farming method. Since gold sells for around $11.70 for 100 Devilian Gold pieces, an enterprising person might be able to make $90 a day (or more) farming and selling Devilian Gold with this Fast Gold Farming Method.

Fast Gold Farming Method

Fast Gold Farming MethodThe first thing you're going to need to do this Fast Gold Farming Method, is a max level character. It doesn't need to be the highest, but the higher, the better. You're going to need really good gear, and Patron and/or Bolton's Blessing. It's also recommended to have the pet Corgi, since you can use it to sell junk whenever you want, so that your bags don't fill up unnecessarily. However you can instead opt for Nanus, so that you don't have to manually loot everything.

Not looting manually will speed up your runs, but make you sell more often, which in turn means going back and forth to a vendor and wasting money on porting there and back.

As for builds/class types, it's really up to you, but you want something which can take a lot of damage and has an AoE attack of some sort. Personally, I went with Barbarian Marauder, but it's all up to you.

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