Infinite Mana – Devilian Game Hack free download

Infinite Mana - Devilian Game HackThe Infinite Mana Devilian Game Hack, is a file replacement. You will need to replace the Devilian client with the one included below. For that, we have included instructions on how to do it. Why would you want to use a hack like this? For the same reason I hate running out of Rage on my Barbarian - Infinite Mana equals power, limited only by cooldowns.

Infinite Mana

Infinite Mana Devilian Game Hack Instructions

  1. Download Infinite Mana - Devilian Game Hack (see below)
  2. Backup files which will be replaced, or rename *.old
  3. Extract files into the original file folder. Should look something like this
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Devilian\Games\Devilian\Live-US
    If this location is not right, then do some research and find out where your Devilian folder is located.

There is no Toggle On or Off. Once your game runs with the modified Devilian.exe, then the hack is always on. It is hard coded into the .exe file. So you wont be able to turn it off in-game.

To Restore the original client, delete the hacked Devilian.exe file from the folder. Rename Devilian.exe.old to Devilian.exe. Run and install any new patches.

WARNING: This is a game hack. Use of the game hack, can get you banned. Use at your own risk.
Note: While this is a game hack, at this time, Devilian has no game protection - so should be relatively safe to use. However do not brag about it. Do not show off.

Download Infinite Mana - Devilian Game Hack

Updated 1/29/2016 to Version 1.2.2 - Added Always Running & Unlimited Zoom hack

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