Unlimited Refining Stones – Devilian

Unlimited Refining StonesBefore we get into how to secure Unlimited Refining Stones, I want to make a suggestion that you do not farm too many of them. This Devilian exploit while not generally known, could get you in hot water, if you use it too many times in a short span of time. It's better to use it to as needed with subtlety, so as to avoid detection. If you suddenly come into 100 Refining Stones, I can assure you, that someone will notice - and that notice is what we strive to avoid as exploiters. So take a few, and when needed, take a few more, but take no undue notice.


Unlimited Refining Stones 

The process to obtain Unlimited Refining Stones is fairly easy. A certain quest is involved, which will net you 1, which can be dropped after acquiring it, and then re-picked up, to get another and so on and so forth. Which quest is it? To get the Unlimited Refining Stones you will need to get the quest called "a dark weapon" from Artreyu in Lake Mineval. If you have already completed this quest, you will be unable to do it again. If you have not yet done it or dropped it, go back and take it to get your stones.

These Refining Stones are Bind on Pickup and not tradeable, sellable, nor auctionable. You must use them on items, which can then be sold or used to get value out of this.

TIP: To get the most out of this Unlimited Refining Stones exploit, use the stone before you drop the quest. If you drop the quest, the stone may be taken from your pack - this is how Trion attempted to fix this Unlimited Refining Stones cheat.

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