1-70 Leveling Guide – Diablo 3

Instead of purchasing and then posting a 1-70 Leveling Guide for Diablo 3, I decided to do you one better. Here is a 1-70 Leveling Guide which includes getting ready for T6 and doing it all under 3 hours. Insane, right? But it's true. It's very easy and capable to level your character to 70 and gear it quickly.

D3 1-70 Leveling Guide & T6 Gearing Guide

D3 Reaper of SoulsIn order to level to 70 and do the gearing, I highly recommend reading this guide completely, so that you will know how to do it in the fastest way possible - BEFORE you actually start playing.

Please note that this 1-70 Leveling Guide will work in solo and in groups. It's not made specifically for multi-boxers, however if you are a multiboxer, read to the end to learn some helpful tips for leveling alts and gearing them for T6 and above.

Keep reading for the multiboxing 1-70 Leveling Guide...

1-70 Leveling Guide

Using this Diablo 3 1-70 Leveling Guide to multibox

If you are a multiboxer, then you should follow the above guide for your first character. Once that character is done leveling, you can move on to leveling alts. This will go SUPER FAST for you.

Start a T6 game, invite your alt accounts, boost them while they stand still at an entrance. Once each of your alts are 70, craft yellow weapons, armor, rings and amulet. Drop these items to your alts.

Remember to get your alts the free gear sets (as shown above). When multiboxing, gear share & optimize all 4 characters. Unlock Kanai's cube for alts for the T7 bounty.

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