1 hour Powerlevel 60 Diablo 3


1 hour Powerlevel 60 Diablo 3I wouldn't have believed in it myself, but it's true. You can now 1 hour Powerlevel 60 in Diablo 3. You will need a level 60, well geared friend to do this with, but if you have that, then 1 hour later, you have a brand new level 60 on a new account. If you have already have a level 60, and are leveling a new 60 up, to go with your old one, then you can do it in 30 minutes.

1 hour Powerlevel 60 in D3

Both 1 hour Powerlevel 60 methods for Diablo 3, will be explained below.

Which ever method you use, keep in mind that this CAN be done with one person, if you can either dual-box or have 2 computers side by side. Just have the mouse handy, so that you can move the lowbie into the proper place when you begin using this speedleveling method.

Bonus Tip: Powerleveling for Diablo 3, with the upcoming expansion is hot again. Use this method, to level up friends and charge them $10-$15. Just don't tell them it only takes you 30-60 minutes to do it, so that they won't think you're ripping them off... 😉

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