Bloodshard Goblin Party Trick – Diablo 3

Bloodshard Goblin Party TrickThe Bloodshard Goblin Party Trick, will allow each member of the party to loot a Blood Thief Goblin in Diablo 3. If done correctly each member can gain upwards of 4000+ bloodshards for each party member*. You will need at least 2 party members to do this trick, but the more the merrier.

... party trick - almost sounds like something you would do at a friends party, like putting a lamp shade on your head or table dancing... but no, this party trick will allow you to farm unsurmountable amounts of bloodshards from blood thiefs.

Bloodshard Goblin Party Trick

The hardest part about this Bloodshard Goblin Party Trick, will be finding the Blood Thief Goblin. But once you do, make sure not to startle it (make it run and port away), until you are ready to perform these steps...

Tip: Have each member of your party, disband. Then each explore the open world until you find a Blood Thief Goblin, which will allow you to repeat the process (after inviting the party back together) of the Bloodshard Goblin Party Trick all over again.


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