Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool

Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool,Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool was originally created solely for the author, but was re-coded to make it more user friendly, and shared with others, code named D3X. The Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool, allows you to create, organize, and store macros on the fly. You can bind your skills to any key as well as binding multiple skills to a single key. It also allows you to Auto-cast any skill each time it is available.


Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool

This is an early beta for the Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool but it is 100% fully functional. It was created in AutoHotkey and does NOT read or write to the memory in any way making this fairly safe and unintrusive. As stated, this Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool is still in beta, so input from you would be appreciated, just let me know what you think I should add to this or post details about any bugs you find.

Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool Instructions

  1. Enter a name for your new macro here or select an existing one from the list to load.
  2. This is the hotkey assigned to enable or disable your macro in-game
  3. Press this once to let you set your hotkey and again to store it.
  4. Indicator to let you know if your macro is enabled.
  5. Save a new macro or update an existing one.
  6. Delete selected macro.
  7. This option will auto cast 'skill 1' each time it is available without constantly spamming it while it's on cooldown.
  8. Enable this to bind this skill to any chosen key.
  9. This is the hotkey for 'skill 1' if enabled. You can use the same hotkey for multiple spells.
  10. Since this program does not read memory we have to check the on screen pixels to see if a skill is ready. Make sure you diablo window is visible on 'skill 1' is not on cooldown and press this button. It will add the color code to the next box for reference.
  11. Color code to check for. You need this for both the autocast and bind options.
  12. Keeps this window on top of all others. Useful for settint the color code mentioned above if you only have 1 monitor.
  13. Show a tooltip in the lower right corner for a couple seconds each time you enable or disable the macro to make it easier to see.

The only requirements for the Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool, are that you run your game in 1920x1080 Windowed Fullscreen mode and skill1-4 be bound to the 1-4 keys (this will change in the next update)

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Download Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool

Virus Check: Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool: Virus Total
Note: There is a false positive for the Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool, as this was created in AutoHotKey (which flags automatically)

Download:  Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool

Password to download: rpge-d3x

Official Forums: Click Here.

D3 Easy Macro Tool created by Kryo11


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