Hellfire Amulet Exploit All Passive buffs – Diablo3

Hellfire Amulet Exploit All Passive buffs - Diablo 3This newest Hellfire Amulet Exploit All Passive buffs, is a game breaking exploit. Imagine having all Hellfire Amulet Passive buffs at once. Thats the newest Diablo 3 game breaking exploit which was discovered mere hours ago. Expect a fix incoming in the next few days - use it while it's hot! And it IS hot.

Ok first let me explain something about this Hellfire Amulet Exploit. It's game breaking, and Blizzard knows about it.

Hellfire Amulet Exploit All Passive buffs for Diablo 3

Let's start with how to remove the Hellfire Amulet Exploit Passive buffs. Why do you need this? in case you decide to test out the exploit, and you don't want to risk your account. Of course if you accidentally only have 2 on, you'll probably be ok... more? *shrug*

In order to remove All Hellfire Amulet Passive buffs, you only need to At any given time, only 4 passive skills can show up at a time, any more won't be displayed, but will still be active. Which ones do show are random, and decided by the game.

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