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Skin Swap Player to MonsterWhen Diablo 3 came out, I figured out how to Skin Swap Player to Monster. Basically to morph my character's appearance into any of the monsters in the game, similar to how we did in Diablo 2. I've been doing this for years having so much fun and now that I've figured out how to edit the player's scale, add particle effects and even morph his weapon, I think it's time for me to share with you my Skin Swap Player to Monster secret.

DISCLAIMER!!! I will only teach you how to change the APPEARANCE, ANIMATION, SIZE and SPECIAL PARTICLE FX of your character. I will NOT teach you how to do anything that Blizzard can construe as cheating such as changing your character's stats or giving him spells or attacks that the player characters normally don't have access to. Again, I have been using this trick every time I have played for years now and have not gotten banned once. This is because it is NOT cheating. If you try and tamper with anything else about your character other than his appearance and you get banned, I will NOT be held accountable!

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Skin Swap Player to Monster Preview

Skin Swap Player to Monster Preparation

As with all of my modding tutorials, I like to start with a list of things you need to download in order to do this. Fortunately for you, there's literally only one thing you need to Skin Swap Player to Monster, and that is Cheat Engine. You can download Cheat Engine right here!

If I hadn't already done the work for you, you would have had to also download CASC Viewer so that you could browse the CASC files and tediously search through tons and tons of hexadecimal code to locate the SNOs for the AnimSet SNO and AppearanceSet SNO of whatever character you wanted to┬áSkin Swap Player to Monster with. Also whatever creature you wanted to morph into, but I've already spent hours upon hours doing that for you, for every last creature in the game. You're welcome. ­čśÇ

STEP 1. Skin Swap Player to Monster -  Swapping Player Model

The first step to Skin Swap Player to Monster is to load up your game. Diablo III doesn't allow modding, so you have to manually memory edit your appearance swap every time you boot up, but that's okay cause I've done everything I can to make it quick and easy for you. I literally swap my appearance every time I play and it takes me only two minutes to get the appearance and animations swapped, change the scale, and add particle FX - and these are both optional when we Skin Swap Player to Monster.

Once your game is loaded up and you're in a game session, Alt + Tab to minimize the game and load up Cheat Engine.

Hit the little icon in the upper left hand corner of Cheat Engine that looks like a computer with a magnifying glass. Select the Diablo III.exe process from the list that appears and click 'Open'.


Skin Swap Player to Monster

Next, click the button to the left side middle area of Cheat Engine that says "Memory View". Click in the memory and press CTRL + F and copy and paste whichever character class appearance code below into the search. Change the type of search to array of byte and click 'OK' to search.

The following character class codes are for the male characters only! If you have a female character, you will need to make a male character to be able to do this for now.

Skin Swap Player to Monster - Character Class Search Codes:
*Male codes only*
MONK - 07000000B5390000
WIZARD - 0700000073440000
BARBARIAN - 07000000C6310000
DEMONHUNTER - 07000000E4AC0100
WITCHDOCTOR - 070000005D440000
CRUSADER - 0700000089A60300

In the screenshot below, you'll notice I used the CRUSADER's morph code, because my character I am trying to Skin Swap Player to Monster is with the Crusader class.

Skin Swap Player to Monster


When you click 'OK', Cheat Engine will scan Diablo III's memory for that line of code and take you right to it. Now, you need to replace the AppearanceSet SNO with one of the monster appearances that I have archived at the bottom of this article. I have all of the monsters from the vanilla game, plus Reaper of Souls and every new monster released in patches including the upcoming Ruins of Sescheron patch already archived for you. It took me a ton of time, but I feel that is the only way most people will be able to use this Skin Swap Player to Monster trick. I knew most people wouldn't have the time or patience to have to go spend hours sifting through the CASC files for the SNOs of the monster they wanted to play as. A quick note on the Ruins of Sescheron monsters is that they will only work once the patch is officially released -- or they'll work now if you play on the PTR.

The AppearanceSet SNO is the FIRST set of four bytes that I have posted in my archive at the end of the article. For example, I am morphing into the Dark Anarch from Reaper of Souls, so I am going to copy the value 4D A5 04 00.


Skin Swap Player to Monster

After you copy that, go back over to the memory view of Cheat Engine and paste it over what ever value comes AFTER 07 00 00 00. In the case of the Crusader, the value that I am writing over the top of is 89 A6 03 00.

You'll want to either paste over it or simply type over it with the monster's AppearanceSet SNO, which in my case I'll be using 4D A5 04 00.

Skin Swap Player to Monster


STEP 2. Skin Swap Player to Monster - Player Animations

Great! Now you just replaced the model your character uses with that of a monster. It will not show up in your game until you transition an area. You can do this by walking through an area transition (such as from New Tristram into the inn) or you can use a town portal if you're in the wilderness to teleport you back to town. Once your character model is loaded into the new place, it will be the monster!


YOU'RE NOT DONE. It only swapped the model, not the animations, so it will look pretty funny unless you do this next step of the Skin Swap Player to Monster too. If you look in the memory view, you'll need to find your character's AnimSet SNO. This should be easy. Look for 68 03 00 00. It should be on the same area of screen you're already viewing for the AppearanceSet SNO. The set of four bytes directly UNDER 68 03 00 00 is your AnimSet SNO -- NOT 68 03 00 00 itself, but directly under as shown in the image below. You'll see that the Crusader's default AnimSet SNO is 9C A6 03 00.


Skin Swap Player to Monster

Now, go back to the code in my archive at the end of this Skin Swap Player to Monster guide and relocate which monster you are replacing your character with. The set of four bytes directly below the AppearanceSet SNO is the AnimSet SNO. Copy and paste that over the top of your character's default AnimSet SNO. You won't need to reload the model with an area transition for the animations to change. Just click in the game to make your character run and you'll notice the animations change instantly.

*IMPORTANT NOTE The monsters do not have animations for every skill. Oddly and pleasantly surprisingly though, they will play pretty cool animations for a number of skills depending on which monster you are using and which skill you are executing. For example, the assault beast has some pretty cool animations when using the Barbarian's skills. Just a hint! ­čśë

Skin Swap Player to MonsterSkin Swap Player to Monster

STEP 3. Skin Swap Player to Monster - Particle FX

Some of the monsters in Diablo III have pretty sick particle FX over them when you encounter them. In order to capture the full level of badass playing as said monsters can be, you'll want to add the particle effects. In my example of the Act 5 Dark Anarch, he ALSO has pretty cool particle FX. Take a look at how he looks without them, then I'll show you how to add them and show you a picture to give you an idea of how big of a difference it makes.

Skin Swap Player to Monster

Sure, he looks cool enough without the particles, but I'll go ahead and show you how to add them anyways with this Skin Swap Player to Monster guide. In the archive I have created on the next page of this Skin Swap Player to Monster guide, you'll notice some monsters have a section that says 'Particles:'. This is the hexadecimal code that tells the game which set of particles to display for them. In order to give your character particles, right where you left off in the memory view display, press CTRL + F and search for "1B 00 00 00". Press 'OK' and this will take you to your character's particle storage.

Simply copy and paste the monster's particle bytes over the top of it and you'll have the particle FX actively added to your character! However, just like when swapping a model, you need to go through an area transition to have them display first.

Skin Swap Player to Monster

Skin Swap Player to Monster

Skin Swap Player to Monster ... and here is our friend with dark vapors of death coming off his lower half.

STEP 3. Skin Swap Player to Monster - Size and Scale

Right off the bat when you start morphing wtih this Skin Swap Player to Monster guide, you're probably going to notice your player monster isn't as big as the monsters you actually encounter in the wilderness. This is most common with the Barbarian and Crusader, because their size scale is smaller than the Wizard's, Demon Hunter's, etc.

This can be remedied by adjusting the size scale. If you are a Barbarian, then cast the spell that morphs you into the big hulking berserker form and pause the game. If you're a Crusader, cast Akarat's Champion and pause the game. Now, with the game paused, Alt + Tab back to Cheat Engine and do a scan for the value '1050247168'. This is the player's size modifier while he is morphed either into the Barbarian berserk or Akarat's Champion. To do this copy and paste the value '1050247168' into Cheat Engine as shown in the image below and press the 'First Scan' button.


Skin Swap Player to Monster

This will cause a list of a few memory regions of the game showing that exact value to be listed in the panel on the left, as seen below.


Skin Swap Player to Monster

Go back into the game, at this point, and unpause it. Allow the duration of the skill to run out so you shrink back to normal. Then once you're small again, Alt + Tab back out and look for the memory listing that has changed to '0'. There may be a few zeros, but you'll have to try adjusting all of them until you find the one that changes your size. In most cases, there's normally only one at first so it's easy.

Then you can set the size modifier to whatever you want. I recommend...

  • 1050000000 if you are morphing the Barbarian
  • 1035000000 if you are morphing the Crusader

Diablo 3 Billionaire Gold Guide... and I recommend these values, because that's the needed size adjustment offset to make most monster models the right size when playing as each of those character classes. Now, there are exceptions. In a few of the monster listings I have tested out from the archive below, I have made notes on what size scale works best for them. For example, the Colossal Golgor needs a way bigger size adjustment to look right. Feel free to play with this and play as whatever size of monster you want.

That's pretty much it for this Skin Swap Player to Monster guide. I'd love for you all to make some videos of doing this and link me to them in the comments (and please reference this article in the comments on the video).

Have fun!


Goto the next page, to see the Skin Swap Player to Monster Morph Codes - Click Here!

Skin Swap Player to Monster - Diablo 3 guide written by j.banger



  1. Thanks for stealing my article/guide, jerk. Giving me credit and not pretending like you are the original author would have been nice.

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