HOT TIP: Buy Diablo 3/Diablo 2/Starcraft 2/Starcraft for $10 each

This goes out to all our USA friends, and it's a hot tip for those of you who want to pickup Diablo 3, cheap. Now when I say cheap, I mean under $10! All you need to do, is goto your local Toys R Us store and pickup Diablo 3 over there. But wait, you say you don't have a Toys R Us store near you? No Problem, just goto either Walmart or BestBuy - both of these companies will match prices with any advertised price. Point them to the website and be off with your treats.

NOTE: This is a limited time offer! Toys R' Us is liquidating all their products. So get to them, BestBuy, or Wallmart on the double and secure whichever game you are looking for.

Bonus Tip: Buy copies of whichever games you want, and then sell the keys on trade forums (,,, etc). This can mean a cost of $10, and a profit of $20 or more per key!

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