DOOM 4 Finally Released

doom_logoAs the title states, DOOM 4 Finally Released, but thats a bit of a misnomer as Doom 4 aka Doom 2016, was actually simply renamed to DOOM. The game has been released to all of everyone's favorite gaming platforms, PS4, XBox1, and the Windows PC. 

DOOM 2016 is out now for Xbox One, PS4, and Windows. Are you ready to take on the forces of Hell?

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Everything about DOOM is paying homage to the classics, and adding in the new -- it's keeping the core of what makes DOOM. The culmination of this is SnapMap, allowing players to edit maps, and create new gamemodes.

DOOM 4 Finally Released

There are 2 modes of gameplay which you should know about there is single player and there is multiplayer. In singleplayer, you'll play storymode. In multiplayer its more akin to PVP or even Player versus Monster (ala LOTRO).


DOOM has always been about providing an explosive, action packed, gory, and gib filled campaign, something DOOM 2016 has not forgotten. With the new id Tech 6 engine, the graphics and sound have been dragged into the modern era. Now DOOM is even more gory and even more horrific than before. Enemies are more detailed, which makes them more grotesque and fun to kill. This fun doesn't stop, literally because you have to keep moving. Like games of old there is no regenerating health. The only way to survive is to get up close and personal with the legions of Hell. Chainsaws are optional, but really who wouldn't pick that option?


Will you play as a space marine or as a demon? If the latter, you have to not only be accurate, but fast and fluid with your movement. Get to the power up first and dominate for a time as the improved Revenant or classic Cyberdemon. As a space marine, clamber up ledges to give yourself a height advantage in both classic and new gamemodes.

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