Dragon Nest: How to Play a Sorceress guide

Dragon Nest - SorceressThe Sorceress is an interesting class. They have virtually no armor and their HP is relatively low in comparison to other classes. They're squishy, like Archers are. On the other hand, they're very powerful with their magical attacks. They don't have the overall highest DPS of the game classes as Paladins, Warriors, and Archers can all potentially out-damage them. They do, however, have several perks. Their elemental attacks allow them to hit enemy weaknesses to improve their damage. On top of that, they have various beneficial status effects like slowing or freezing enemies or lighting them on fire for damage over time. Their Mystic skills also have fun effects, from time manipulation to holding monsters in place with a black hole. As a whole, their skills are flashy and impressive-looking.

Sorceresses use a staff as their primary weapon, and have a choice of three types of secondary weapons. Orbs have an attack that swirls around you and provide a bonus to critical hit rate. Puppets summon a shadow in front of you for an attack and give a bonus to maximum mana. Grimoires are a physical attack and provide a bonus to mana regeneration.

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