Drakensang: How to take on higher level mobs tip

Taking on higher level mobs then you isn't that difficult, if you keep a few things in mind. The first and foremost is to stay out of their reach. For rangers and spellweavers, this is easier then the melee dps class. However this isn't impossible. For melee dps, it means hitting a mob and running away to recoup - but not too far. For ranged dps, its better to attack, attack, attack, and then move away from the higher level mob, however never in a straight line. If you attack in a straight line, this can mean danger of the mob resetting if it's tied to a particular location. Instead, try to move right or left, then up or down, always trying to circle the mob. If you need a break put a little terrain in your way, the mobs won't be able to cast nor attack you.

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