Dungeon Defenders: Genie Swirling Guide

dungeon-defenders-genieGenies. They give you mana when you hurt things. For upgrading your map fast, it’s kind of a big deal. It’d be nice to know how to maximize mana returned, and minimize upgrade time.

The problem is, the higher your listed weapon damage, and the higher the damage on the genie, the more mana you get, but the formula caps out fast for weapon damage, and scales horribly for genie damage.

Long story short is that everyone has weapons that hit hard enough to cap out the mana returned, but you can up that cap by upgrading your genie damage. The relevant formula is:


Now the problem is that this formula scales like a garbage can. Here is a nifty table to explain why:

Genie Damage Mana Returned
1152 200
6716 300
23460 400
29004 420 (blaze… actually 420 is awesome, read on)
61897 500

I’ve seen people with 50k+ genie damage. But you simply have no chance to get up to 500 mana per hit, and you have so many towers to upgrade and not much time.

But you want ridiculous amounts of mana! And it’d be nice to not have to find an Ult genie with 400^. Well... there is a solution...

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