Rift: Xerxes Leveling & Build Guide

First off, if you haven't checked out this guide yet, do so. It's a well thought out guide, which brings specific builds to Rift. Everything from Leveling, to PvE, to PvP builds, as well as different healing builds. It's a highly recommended guide for Rift.

On that note, let me mention, that Xerxes' guide is free for our VIP members (link below). We try to update the guide for our members at least once a month. However if you want to get frequent updates, you will need to purchase Xerxes' guide from his website - we did!

Xerxes Guide, contains the following...

Rift 1-50 Defiant Guardian Leveling Guides & Class Builds

  • Guardian & Defiant Leveling Guides
  • Step by Step Quests
  • Detailed Maps
  • Comprehensive Power Leveling Guide
  • All 4 Calling Guides - Warrior, Rogue, Mage or Cleric.
  • Beginner Guide
  • UI Guide
  • Rifts and Invasion Guide
  • Game Mechanics Guide
  • Leveling Builds
  • PvP Builds
  • Raiding Builds (PvE)

Also contains Tips & Tricks for Rifts, Boss Mobs, & Dungeons.

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