TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition

In order to use this TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition - you MUST have the Special Edition running on a Windows PC computer. This will not work with any other versions, including the non-special edition of Elder Scrolls Skyrim. This mod will transform and add a playable race called the Elin. These are modeled after the TERA character/player models from the game TERA Online.

TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition

Elin Lore

Building corporeal forms around tiny fragments of her own divine being, the goddess Elinu created the elins. Their physical appearance reflected the youngest daughter of Arun's wish for beauty and peace. Their queen governs both the elins and the poporis, with whom they share a history and a mission. The queen and her forces have proven their wisdom and diplomatic prowess in peace, and their tactical and fighting prowess in war.

The Elins have one driving goal: If it's not good for nature, stop it. Older and wiser than they appear, they join with forces of nature and mortal races to sweep their enemies from the battlefield. Their speech is often dark, forthright, and otherworldly, and their sense of humor can border on vicious.

TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition

ABOUT this TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition

There are 8 variants:

  • Fox 1
  • Fox 2
  • Bunny 1
  • Bunny 2
  • Ram
  • Cat
  • Squirrel
  • Ahri

Race Power: Circle of Elinu Protection

  • Cast a protective circle that heals you and your followers while negating damage by half.
  • Obtained Elinu protection 60 seconds once a day. Inside the circle reduce damage by half and recovery follow HP by 20 per 1 second.

Race Ability: Fortify Shouts

  • Born of Elin blood, reduce dragon shout charge time by 20% only during daytime.

TERA Elin Mod: Files, Requirements, and Installation

Adds the Elins as a playable race in Skyrim Special Edition.


  • Skyrim Special Edition

Elin Mods

  • FILE: SSE_MAIN_TeraElinRace_v1_0-20170116.7z - See below for download


  • Main Elin files.
    • ElinRaceTaint.esm, which adds the various Elin hairs, has been merged with the main master file (ElinRace.esm).
  • Elin voices for combat and dragon shouts for Skyrim, Dragonborn, and Dawnguard.
  • Summon Elin Ring.

When equipped, the ring summons Elin followers. You will see pop-up menus to (1) select their level (weak -> strong), (2) health penalty when summoning (you also suffer a health penalty when they die), and (3) how many to summon (the maximum is 48).

About the health penalty when summoning. If you do not have enough health to summon the amount of Elins you selected from the menu, you will only receive the max number of Elins allowed to prevent killing yourself.

After summoning, you will receive the following Spell and Shout:

[SPELL] Elin Ward.

Adept level Restoration spell.

Increases armor rating by 80 points and negates up to 80 points of damage and effects.

[SHOUT] Voice of the Elins (2-word Shout).

Word #1 gathers your summoned Elins to your location.

Word #2 slowly heals your summoned Elins.

[SHOUT] [Lycanthropy] Howl of Fear.

If your playable Elin has the ability to tranform into a werewolf, your summoned Elins also transform into werewolves. The werewolf shout, Howl of Fear, now has the same effects as the Voice of Elins shout.

The summon ring can be crafted at the blacksmith forge under the JEWELRY category. Be advised that one of the ingredients is a FILLED BLACK SOUL GEM. Something difficult to find very early in the game.

  • 1st-Person Camera Fix.

This fixes the issue with the 1st-person camera being too high (adult height). It's not perfect because Skyrim will glitch and move the camera lower or higher than intended.

I have been playing with the camera fix and it only glitched 1% of the time...so far.

The camera fix is the only solution until a suitable camera mod is released for Skyrim SE.


Elin Mods - Color-Matching Alternative

  • FILE: SSE_MAIN_TeraElinRace-ColorMatch_v1_0-20170116.7z - See below for download
  • Contains the same files as normal main race package.
  • The color-matching alternative allows the standalone ears and tails to match color with the main hair.
TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition

This is for both the Normal main package and the Color-Match main package.

You have 2 methods to select the Elin ears/tail sets when in the Character Customization menu (console command, 'showracemenu'):
HAIR > HAIRS selection slider. The ears/tail sets are part of the Elin hairs.
HAIRS > ADDITIONS selection slider. These are standalone sets and can be used with the earless/tailless Elin hairs or custom Skyrim hairs.

Adds followers, NPCs, additional customizatin features, and armors.


  • Skyrim Special Edition.
  • Main Elin race files.

Elin-Skyrim Hair Packs 


- Click each file to download


  • These can be downloaded offsite. You need to download a text file which lists the hair packs and download links.
    I made separate hair packs instead of an All-in-One pack. Mega, the file storage site, has problems uploading a 1gb+ file. I might create an AIO pack in the future when done adding any additional hairs for the Elins.
  • The hair packs contain only the hair meshes and textures from the original hair mods. These are only playable for the Elins.
  • All hair meshes have been updated for Skyrim SE.

NPC Replacers and Additions.

Elin NPC and Enemies Complete (Skyrim. No DLCs, yet).

  • FILE: SSE_OPTION_Elin NPC and Enemies Complete_v1_0-20170110.7z - See below for download

Does the following:

  • Replaces certain unique (female) characters (i.e., all female housecarls including Rayya).
  • Adds new NPCs to Whiterun and Mage's College.
  • Replaces some of the randomly generated hostile and non-hostile NPCs (i.e., Imperials, Stormcloaks, bandits, witches, necromancers, and hunters).
  • Adds new Elin enemeies to the level list separate from what is originally generated by the game.

NOTE: TDA made changes to the Elin mage instructor. Now when she demonstrates elemental magic in the Aracanaeum she will not damage and/or aggro any followers.
Thank you, TDA!

Elin Mannequins.

  • FILE: SSE_OPTION_Elin_Mannequins_v1_0-20170117.7z  - See below for download
  • Replaces all original mannequins in Skyrim, Hearthfires, and Dragonborn homes.
  • Does not add new mannequins.

Elin Armors for the Elin body

  • FILE: ARMOR_ElinBody_ElinMaidCostume.7z - See below for download
  • Elin Maid outfit from the game Tera.
  • Craftable at the forge (requires GLASS Blacksmith perk) and tempered (requires Arcane Blacksmith perk).
  • FILE: ARMOR_ElinBody_ConvertedVanillaSets.7z - See below for download
  • Some Skyrim armors converted to the Elin body (NOT CBBE or UNP).
  • Craftable at the forge under ELVEN and MISCELLANEOUS.
TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition

Download TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition

Note: This file includes all files, except for hair, which is downloaded above from their own links. Each of those files are too large to bundle with these files, however they are dependent on the following files in order to work:

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use adf.ly to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).




Created by PsychoMachine

Special thanks:
Mephykun for advising me on what needs to be done to make the Elin mods compatible with Skyrim Special Edition.
Miczello for providing the resources I need for some additional Elin mods I may release in the near future.
TDA for his Elin NewNPC edits.
Himika and the people of 2ch for bringing the Elins to Skyrim+Summon Ring, NPC -n- Enemies, and Elin Followers..

The Elin race and resources from the game Tera to add the Elins to Skyrim SE are the properties of BluHole Studio.
Elin armors are from the game Tera and thus the property of BluHole Studio.

The Elins use XPMSE skeletons by Groovtama.

The base Elin voice mod provide by KuriYokan.

Lakeview Extended for Skyrim Special Edition by Ac3s

HAIRS (Custom Skyrim Hair Packs)
Apachii Hairs v1.5 and v1.6 by Apachii.

Cazy/Demoness/CCC/MySims/Newsea by zzJay.

Oblivian Hairs by Radioragae.

Sims/JHairs by ???

Hepsy Hairs by Ryoso

Twintails (Twosideup) by Pyopyo23


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