Buy Low Sell High ESO Guide

Buy Low Sell High ESO GuideThe old trick in MMOs to Buy Low Sell High is alive and well in Elder Scrolls Online, but with a twist. Knowing that Buy Low Sell High twist can make you a lot of gold in ESO. It's Halloween, and I am feeling a bit generous, so I am going to give you this as a treat, though some of you might consider it more of a trick. It however is not an exploit, there are no bugs involved, and no matter how you dress it up, it will still come back to you two-fold, up to ten-fold.


Buy Low Sell High in ESO

So the easiest way to Buy Low Sell High in ESO, is to avoid the vendors.  Vendors are money sinks, meaning you're going to put money into them, but rarely get anything out of them worth what you actually put into them. Instead what we want to do, is buy from other players. Now we can buy from other players in one of two ways.

We can use the chat channel to do it, offer to buy or sell items. This way can work best, when we utilize 2 characters, and mail or trade items back and forth, using a guild member or friend. We have one character that only buys items from people, never selling. Using this method, most people won't realize that we are actually the same person, and won't feel bad about the guy who sells the items we just sold for a super low price.

The second way that we can Buy Low Sell High, is to buy off of player stores. I am going to use a specific example here, which net me 50k last week. It's not for everyone, but it is a nice treat which we can benefit from. Motifs. Browse various player or guild stores, try to find good selling motifs for around 500 gold. Then relist on your own store, for 900 gold. It will take some experimentation for you to find which motifs sell the best for you, but when you do, you will be like me, making easy profits. 

Cheapest Elder Scrolls Online Gold, Items, AccountsOf course the above example was motifs, but it doesn't have to be. There are plenty of items which have no real value when we sell them to a vendor, so simply listing them on your own store can mean some pretty serious gold profits. Or, find another item, which is devalued at another player's or guild's store. Buy and then resell them.

Hopefully this Buy Low Sell High guide for ESO has treated you right, and you will be on your way to making some nice profits. 

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