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There is a secret to Catching Trophy Fish.  If you like the crafting aspect of ESO, and are an avid fisherman, then you might be surprised by this one tidbit.  Sometimes the rewards are meager when fishing in ESO, but it really depends on your state of mind. For me, being able to smack someone in the face with a fish, really stands out.

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Catching Trophy Fish Tip

Catching Trophy Fish TipBefore I go into the tip on how to go about increasing your chances of Catching Trophy Fish, I wanted to mention something about fishing itself. In this case, bait. If you aren't sure what you're doing, then ESO Fishing can yield low returns. By switching to the proper bait, you not only increase your ESO Fishing skills faster, but also catch more fish.

Using the proper bait

This is just a quick mention of the proper baits to be using, before we get into the Catching Trophy Fish tip.  Keep in mind, it's not a complete list, but never-the-less should help increase your skills and your net total of fish caught.

Rivers Insect Parts:
Can be harvested from torchbugs, butterflies, small wasps and freshflies.
Can only be caught in Lakes.
Lake Guts:
Can be dropped from small animals/reptiles such as frogs, squirrels, rats, etc.
Can only be caught in the Ocean.
Ocean Worms:
Can be harvested from picking plants or from undead mob drops.
Can only be caught in Foul Water.
Foul Water Crawlers:
Can be harvested from picking plants or from killing small spiders and centipedes.
Fish Roe:
Can only be caught in Rivers.

So far I have only gotten 2 perfect roe and I'm going to be doing a lot more fishing to get more of these! For those who don't know you can fillet a fish and have a chance to get something rare called "Perfect Roe" it's a really rare ingredient for provisioning and can sell for quite a bit of gold to the right person.

Keep in mind that Perfect Roe can only be obtained by filleting white (common) fish that you catch. The type of white fish does not matter — you can fillet fish from lakes, rivers, oceans and foul water. Currently, the chance of getting a Perfect Roe appears to be about 1 in 100 fish filleted, but there is certainly an element of luck involved.

Catching Trophy Fish Tip

Ok, so onto the Catching Trophy Fish Tip...

Imperial City Fishing Achievement

ESO Mastery GuidesESO’s DLC Imperial contains a new achievement category with new trophy fish found exclusively in Imperial City! See the above tips on how to get a better chance at Catching Trophy Fish.

  • New 5 point achievement category under “Fishing” in the Trophy line called “Imperial City Angler”
  • 12 new trophy fish listed under the achievement
  • NO additions or changes to the Master Angler achievement
  • NO dye associated with the achievement

With this Imperial City ESO DLC, also came an exploit fix... You can no longer bank your trophy fish and then “learn” the achievement on another character. If you plan to get the Master Angler achievement with more than one character you're going to need to do it the old fashioned way, staring at a computer all day fishing.

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