Elder Scrolls Online Alliance Guide

Elder Scrolls Online Alliance Guide

The Elder Scrolls Online Alliance Guide will give you a brief overview of each Alliance; Elder Scrolls Online Alliance GuideThe Daggerfall Covenant, The Ebonheart Pact, and The Aldmeri Dominion. Since this is one of the first things a new player must do, we decided to share our insights into each of the Alliances, which in turn will give you a bit more then the overview provided in game.

Each of the alliances has a rich history and lore, especially regarding how each alliance was formed, why there is so much tension between the alliances, and more. I think we can assume however, that you are here to see which (if any) alliance will give you a greater benefit over any other. Hopefully this Elder Scrolls Online Alliance Guide will cover all of your questions.Elder Scrolls Online Alliance Guide

Elder Scrolls Online Alliance Guide

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Choosing an Alliance

I believe that choosing an alliance is almost as important as choosing your race. I say this because your gameplay experience, especially early in the game, varies greatly between each alliance's zone, and you can't play in other alliances' zones (except for dungeons) until you complete the quest lines in your home alliance's zones.

Given that you can customize any character/race to play how you want, it seems to me that playing in the environment and zone that suits you the most is probably the most important choice you'll make early in your TESO adventure.


The Ebonheart Pact

Elder Scrolls Online Alliance GuideThe three races that make up the Ebonheart Pact are the Nords, Dark Elves, and Argonians, and none of them really like one-another. That alone should give you an idea as to how this alliance feels to play, but allow me to clarify.

The Nords are conquerers, the Argonians are guerrila fighters, and the Dark Elves are, well, Dark Elves. 

Overall, the feeling you get when playing in the zone is one of tension. The Pact is barely holding together, and with the scheme of Molag Bal now in play, the Pact is being stressed even further.

Combine that with the cold northern climate that makes up the environment of the starting area and we have the makings for some pretty deep characters.

Interacting with non-questline NPCs in the zone definitely gives the sense that Tamriel is under threat, with many characters having a miltiary personality--all business. 

Of the three alliances, The Ebonheart Pact feels the most serious to play... serious as in serious characters, not as in more hardcore players.

The Ebonheart Pact Races

The Argonians - Argonians of Black Marsh and its swamps have a natural resistance to poisons and disease, as well as the ability to quickly heal themselves in even the deadliest of battles.  

The Dunmer - Morrowind has been a home to the Dark Elves for centuries, and due to the constant volcanic activity of the Red Mountain have developed a strange synergy with fire – possessing a heightened resistance to it as well as a boost to any fire damage they deal in combat.  

The Nords - Nords hail from Skyrim, an incredibly cold climate which has resulted in all Nords having superior resistance to any frost damage.  Their love of battle also grants them better defense than other races, and they are unmatched in wielding two-handed weapons.  


The Daggerfall Covenant

Elder Scrolls Online Alliance GuideBretons, Redguard, and Orcs compose the Daggerfall Covenant, and this alliance is the opposite of The Ebonheart Pact. By that I mean that the three races are unified under a great leader, and each wishes to be in the alliance. This causes the overall feeling to be less serious than in The Ebonheart Pact, but not as light-hearted as The Aldmeri Dominion. 

Genrally, playing in this zone feels more "human" to me. By that I mean that there is more everyday stuff going on... a guy admiring a statue, and couple in love, a pesky dog, and so-on. 

The environment in this zone is warmer than that of The Ebonheart Pact, but not tropical.

Interacting with non-questline NPCs is generally more personable, but that's not always the case. Guards are still quite brusk, and not everyone is friendly.

I'd say that The Daggerfall Covenant is a good combination of serious and light-hearted gameplay.

The Daggerfall Covenant Races

The Bretons - Hailing from High Rock, Bretons are a mixture of elf and man, giving them a high resistance to spells and the ability to absorb damage taken in battle as magicka.  

The Orcs - Orsimer are cousins to the elves, though few will admit to it.  They come from the province of Orsinium and are naturally gifted with heavy armor and staying alive in even the most heated battles.  

The Redguards - These athletic warriors call Hammerfell their home and have the staying power and stamina for multiple power attacks, as well as a natural affinity with a sword and shield.

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The Aldmeri Dominion

Elder Scrolls Online Alliance GuideThe Aldmeri Dominion is made up of High Elves, Wood Elves, and the Khajiit. This alliance was formed because each of the races has aided one-another, and they now stand strong as one.

The feeling I get out of this alliance is the most light-hearted of the three alliances. The Wood Elves and Khajiit are funny by nature, which is a good offset to the more serious nature of the High Elves.Elder Scrolls Online Alliance Guide

That's not to say that there is not serious gameplay to be found here--in fact I found probably the most serious early questline in this alliance's zone--but overall, playing in this zone feels a little lighter.

Speaking of a lighter feeling, the tropical climate and palm trees definitely play their part in that. 

As for interaction with non-questline characters, I would say that the NPCs in this alliance are generally the most entertaining of the three alliances, but as with all of my comments for each of the alliances, this is the overall feeling I get and is not always the case.

The Aldmeri Dominion feels like the most light-hearted alliance to me, with its entertaining dialogs and pleasant climate playing a large part in that.

The Aldmeri Dominion Races

The Altmer - These High Elves come from the Summerset Isles and boast skills that boost magicka and destruction skills while quickly restoring spent magicka. 

The Bosmer - Wood Elves of Valenwood possess superior stealth skills and an innate talent for archery, as well as a strong resistance to diseases and poison.  They will also be able to choose whether they will honor the Green Pact or not.  

The Khajiit - As proud warriors of Elsweyr, Khajiits have natural advantages in stealth and wearing medium armor, and can easily strike fear in the hearts of their enemies. 


Elder Scrolls Online Alliance Guide Conclusion

ESO Mastery Guide - Level 1-50 in 5 daysFor me, what this Elder Scrolls Online Alliance Guide really does, is tells me where I want to play. For those who like the feel of the game, and use it for immersion, then the info above will help choose your path.

Most people, including my spouse, tend to like green areas to start with, and this is true because a lot of people tend to play on the "good" side. This is why in games like WoW, people play Alliance, because of the more friendly start areas, whereas Horde actually tends to start in gritty or death inspired themes. I believe that as far as Elder Scrolls Online goes, most people will probably play the Aldmeri Dominion.

Personally, I do not get into immersion, haven't for a while. I don't care which area I start in, I don't read lore, nor quests for that matter, and I couldn't care less where I start - my preference is to explore and craft, which means I can start anywhere. Instead, I look for advantages or benefits to my character. There are a couple advantages I do see, but it will depend upon your play style. Do you like to level fast, do you like to PVP, do you like to PVE (dungeons/raids).

If you plan to PVP, then you will want to be on the side which has the most chance of winning, which again means the more popular alliance. For PVE, it won't really make too much difference, except that if the Cold Northern or Warm Desert areas (or alliances) are less popular so you will want to again choose the side with the most players, as this means you will find early PVE content quicker. Now if you like to level faster, you're going to want the less hospital zones (alliance) as it's less likely that someone will camp a particular mob, because there are less people in the zone, making it actually easier to level up fast. 

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I hope this Elder Scrolls Online Alliance Guide, has helped you to determine where you will go, please leave feedback below in the comments on anything including what you thought about this Elder Scrolls Online Alliance Guide or if you have anything to add.

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