Elder Scrolls Online: Binary Files

The following list will allow you to install the Elder Scrolls Online Beta files along with some patches. You will not be able to login (unless you have an account), merely to install. These are useful if you want to try to disassemble the files or glean some information from them. A prime example is that some people have used the information to already create a sandbox or ESO Emulator.

elderscrollsonlinegold.comFiles compiled by Jadd

Setup files:
- Beta client installer: Install_ESO_Beta.exe

Executable client files:
- v0.26.4.543804: eso_0.26.4.543804.exe
- v0.26.8.566514: eso_0.26.8.566514.exe
- v0.27.2.614438: eso_0.27.2.614438.exe
- v0.27.5.629505: eso_0.27.5.629505.exe
- v0.27.8.646298: eso_0.27.8.646298.exe

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