Elder Scrolls Online Character Progression explained

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online

As far as we know, Elder Scrolls Online is set to be released in the first quarter of 2014. This means that sometime in January, February, or March the game will be released. Interestingly, the game is supposed to be coming out for XBox One, Sony's PS4, and the Window's PC. All three platforms will share the same game. I don't know at this time, if you will be able to play with someone on a different gaming system, or if they will only play on similar gaming systems. So Elder Scrolls Online for PC, might be only for PC players. 

Elder Scrolls Online just released a new video explaining how their progression system is going to work in the game. Unlike most games these days, where you automatically get a boost to stats and then to a tree, you are going to have to balance your character a little more. By this I mean each level will give you 2 points. One will go in one of the 3 basics of either Stamina (which allows you to spring or fight), Majika (which is your spell points), or Health (which is how much damage you can take in a battle). At the same time, you will be able to place another point, into your skills. But in this case (at this point anyways), you don't necessarily get a new skill, but rather improve upon a skill.

Now don't think you will actually pick a class here. Far from it. Actually, you will get to play the character how you want to play it, and build skills that way as well. For example, if you wear leather armor, you will gain skill points in the fact that you are wearing leather armor. If you use cast spells, you will gain the ability to cast spells better. This will open up the ability to make some very strong Hybrid Classes in Elder Scrolls Online. This system is similar to Darkfall Online.

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