Endless Chest Farming – Elder Scrolls Online

Endless Elder Scrolls Online Chest Farming

Endless Chest FarmingIf you like chest farming, but wish that there were more chests to farm, then the limited ones available in whichever part of the game you are currently in, then this Endless Chest Farming exploit, is going to get you very excited. Since some chests drop not just crafting materials, but also recipes, this Endless Chest Farming comes in very handy.

Endless Chest Farming explained...

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There really isn't much to this exploit, and I wouldn't be surprised if somehow Zenimax doesn't fix this before Elder Scrolls Online is officially released. As such, we're just going to share this Endless Chest Farming exploit with you.


  1. Loot all chests in area
  2. Disconnect from game (alt-F4)
  3. Re-Log
  4. Re-Farm Chests

Since you disconnected, all the chests will now be reset, which is what makes this Endless Chest Farming exploit so valuable. Now go and sell all your loot, use it to farm all the recipes in a given area, or use it to do some crafting. I found that about 1 of every 4 resets, got me a new recipe.

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