ESO Console Changes

PS4 Console

ESO Console ChangesWith ESO Console Changes have needed to be made, and this comprehensive guide is going to go over those changes. Along with those changes, you are going to learn the basics of playing your new Elder Scrolls Online character, and some common problems found with ESO Console players.

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ESO Console Changes

In this ESO Console Changes guide, Crazmadsci goes over these topics.

  • Understand how game chat system works.
  • Are controls easy to understand?
  • How responsive is combat?
  • How does the guild system work?
  • What do new players think about the game?
  • What features are in the console and not the PC version and vice versa?
  • Is there anything else that stood out with ESO Console Changes?

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Tip: In part of the above guide, Crazmadsci mentions that he likes how the Console version of the game, uses a controller versus using the mouse and keyboard. It is possible to use an XBox One controller on your PC - Learn how to Install XBox One Controller on Windows.

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