ESO Dragon Bones DLC Overview

ESO Dragon Bones DLC OverviewThis ESO Dragon Bones DLC Overview is meant to provide you with answers to questions on the new ESO update 17, which was recently released. Rather then writing a guide on the new changes, we are giving you several videos to peruse from various online vloggers - check out these great community guides.

To get ready for Dragon Bones & Update 17 of the ESO, maybe you want to buy some Elder Scrolls Online Gold beforehand.   Both the Dragon Bones DLC game pack and Update 17 arrive with a host of new features, including new dungeons, systems, and more! Keep in mind that these guides were created from playtests on the Public Test Server, so expect some details to be different, as well as further changes as the game progresses.

ESO Dragon Bones DLC Overview

Tianlein – Outfit System Guide

Tianlein digs into Update 17's Outfit System with this new guide and outlines everything you need to know to get started making your own custom look!


Miss Bizz – Level Up Reward System

In this guide, Miss Bizz explores the new level-up experience coming with Update 17.

Whitefox1225 – Housing Storage Guide!

Whitefox takes a quick look at the new Home Storage furnishing items that are coming with Update 17.

Shimmer – Dragon Bones DLC Furniture Preview

Want to check out some of the new home furnishings that are coming with Dragon Bones? Shimmer has you covered with this preview.

Legendary Gaming – New Item Sets & Monster Masks for Dragon Bones DLC

Alex breaks down some of the new sets coming to Dragon Bones' Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak dungeons.

Alcast – Magicka Sorcerer Pet Build PvE “Summoner" Dragon Bones

Alcast has updated his Pet Sorcerer build for the upcoming Dragon Bones update. This update, notably, makes use of the new Zaan monster set. For additional details and future updates, check out the written guide.

Sherman's Gaming – The Dervish (Warden Main Tank) Dragon Bones

Sherman brings us a tank build designed for main tanking in dungeons and Trials.

Kiri – Stamplar PvP Build Dragon Bones

Kiri features his PvP-focused Templar build that makes use of the Automaton, Fortified Brass, and Blood Spawn sets for big damage and survivability.

Are you planning on checking out some of the new features and adventures coming with the Dragon Bones DLC game pack and Update 17? If so, the above ESO Dragon Bones DLC Overview will be very useful to you. Update 17 arrives as a free base-game patch alongside the Dragon Bones DLC game pack on PC/Mac February 12 and PlayStation®4 and Xbox One February 27.

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