ESO Dragonknight Class Guide

I started to read a ESO Dragonknight Class GuideESO Dragonknight Class Guide and realized that the information was actually pretty helpful. It's the first iteration of the ESO Dragonknight Class Guide, so it's limited in the amount of pages it actually has, but there is a basic build and spell rotation, as well as some insights that made me want to play the game again, as a new character, this time a Dragonknight (rather then the Cleric I am now playing).

Since I like it, I decided to share this ESO Dragonknight Class Guide with you. Keep in mind, it's only about 15 pages (though the website claims that it's 50). So far, there are 3 points to this guide which are covered:

  • Dragonknight Base Guide
  • Dragonknight Skills
  • Dragonknight Spell Rotations

Download the ESO Dragonknight Class Guide


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