ESO: Elder Scrolls Online Seeking Beta Testers


Most likely the beta testers they are seeking will be for stress testing the servers, but possibly to get people interested in the game. Since it’s a bit of an open call for beta testers think of it as limited free play until the game is released.

It’s real easy to sign up, you will need your DXDiag output and to put some dribble in why you are qualified to beta test. Here are a few suggestions on things you should post to get into beta…

  • You can play several hours a week including weekends.
  • You have beta tested before.
  • You understand that your job is to find bugs and report them.
  • You know that you can’t post what you find to other sites without their permission.
  • You are the leader of a big guild and have a website (you will need to post the URL).


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