ESO Horse Trick – Unlimited Sprint

If you're new to ESO, and haven't yet bought your first horse, then this ESO Horse Trick is something you might find interesting. The ESO Horse Trick makes it so that you don't need to upgrade your mount, in at least in terms of it's stamina, and gives you unlimited sprinting on your horse.

Players can upgrade one of their riding skills (Speed, Stamina, Carrying Capacity) every 20 hours causing you to gain a level in each of the three skills. These gains are permanent and cumulative. The riding skill can be fully upgraded to 60% speed, 60 stamina and 60 carrying capacity.

ESO Horse Trick

ESO Horse TrickAs you know, you can pay to level up your horse' level. Leveling up, will allow your horse to carry more weight, move faster, and also to increase it's stamina, which in turn allows you to sprint for longer periods of time as well as to take more damage before being dismounted (source).

Now as you can see in the image, I have 85 gold, not quite the amount needed to upgrade it's stamina. With this ESO Horse Trick though, you won't necessarily need to purchase the stamina upgrade.

ESO Horse Trick instructions:



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