ESO Known Alchemy Recipes


ESO Known Alchemy RecipesOur ESO Known Alchemy Recipes will help get you started with Alchemy and crafting in Elder Scrolls Online. Crafting in ESO is a bit like most games, where you need a recipe, but it's also a bit like Asherons Call, where you can experiment to find new recipes. This was always the fun time in AC, as no one knew what the new recipe was, only that there was a new combination which would make something cool. If you do not want to go around searching for recipes, you can simply try your hand at creating recipes from scratch.

If you really want to help out with this ESO Known Alchemy Recipes, add your found recipes in the comments at the bottom of the page and let us know what you have created.

Zygor ESO Leveling Guide with in-game waypoint system

Solvents decide which level potions you’ll create. Natural Water is the weakest solvent, and can create level 3 potions. Next is Clear Water which can make level 10 potions. After that, there is Pristine Water can be used to make level 20 potions, Cleansed water to make level 30 potions, Filtered Water makes potions of levels 40. Finally, there is Purified Water and Cloud Mist, both of which are used to create Veteran level potions (50+). How will these affect potions when applied to the ESO Known Alchemy Recipes, we can only guess, which is why we need your help to help determine if the recipes go up in power simply by changing the solvent.

For Reagents and their various abilities, check out the ESO Crafting Cheat Sheets.

ESO Known Alchemy Recipes

Here are a few of the known combinations of Reagents in ESO, which will make you various potions.

  • Rejuvenation Plus (Bugloss | Columbine | Mountain Flower)
  • Rejuvenation (Columbine | Lady’s Smock | Mountain Flower)
  • Health+ & Mana (Bugloss | Lady’s Smock | Water Hyacinth)
  • Predator Potion (Blessed Thistle | Dragonthorn | Namira’s Rot)
  • Murder Potion (Columbine | Dragonthorn | Wormwood)
  • ESO Mastery Guide - Level 1-50 in 5 daysKiller Potion (Blessed Thistle | Dragonthorn | Water Hyacinth)
  • Duellist Potion (Columbine | Dragonthorn | Water Hyacinth)
  • Fighter Potion (Columbine | Mountain Flower | Namira’s Rot)
  • Archmage Potion (Cornflower | Lady’s Smock | Namira’s Rot)
  • Battlemage Potion (Columbine | Lady’s Smock | Water Hyacinth)
  • Steadfast Mage (Bugloss | Columbine | Namira’s Rot)
  • Determined Mage (Columbine | Lady’s Smock | Namira’s Rot)
  • Inquisitor Potion (Cornflower | Lady’s Smock | Wormwood)
  • Escape Potion (Blessed Thistle | Columbine | Namira’s Rot)
  • Emergency Potion (Blue Entoloma | Columbine | Namira’s Rot)

Try to create your own potions, and let us know if you come across any recipe, which isn't on our list here. Add it to the comments below, so we can add to our ESO Known Alchemy Recipes list.

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