ESO Leveling Experience Exploit


ESO Leveling Experience ExploitThere is a little ESO Leveling Experience Exploit, which can be used to level your character a bit faster. It does have to be done with a group's help, but it could explain why someone hit level 50 in a record time of just under 18 hours. I do not know for sure if this is the ESO Leveling Experience Exploit the guy used or not, but this one was found at low levels, and I see no reason why it couldn't be used at higher levels.

ESO Leveling Experience Exploit

As I said, this ESO Leveling Experience Exploit was found at low levels, which means at level 10 or so. The key will be to apply it to higher levels, and finding the right situation to use.

For the Aldmeri Dominion at ~level 10, it involves two bosses in the ruin called Ezduiin on the isle of Auridon.

You must do all of the quests up to and including whatever quest brings you to the ruin (I believe it's mages guild but could be wrong). You must go into Ezduiin and then turn right at the bottom of the first set of stairs so you are in 'Ezduiin Inner Sanctum/Undercroft'. 

There are two bosses standing facing one another, I think one is named Thundermaul. They both have respawn timers of ~15 seconds and grant about 100xp together. Used this until level 16.

One bad thing about leveling so fast, is there is no time to farm better gears or challenge others in PVP. At that point you have a useless character, unless you buy ESO gold.

Good luck. Let us know of any other place where you find mobs where you can use this ESO Leveling Experience Exploit (in the comments section below).


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